Originally published at IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: The AEW & IMPACT Summit

IMPACT! Wrestling

June 10th, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

Before The IMPACT! – Crazzy Steve (w/ Black Taurus & Rosemary) def. Deaner (w/ Eric Young, Rhino & Joe Doering) by pinfall at 10:22

The AEW and IMPACT Summit

The show starts with Scott D’Amore in the ring and says due to some disagreements he wants to get things settled tonight and introduces Tony Khan who comes out to the AEW Dynamite theme. Khan says it’s great to be here and he’s excited about what will be announced, and as D’Amore gets ready to explain the match, he gets cut off by Don Callis and his music. Callis accuses them two of scheming but is here to point out facts such as Khan protecting his investments. Callis understands there are talks of Sami Callihan being involved in this match but points out the fact that Callihan is on every wrestling’s promotion blacklist due to him hitting Eddie Edwards with a bat. D’Amore counters that with the fact that the Good Brothers have been interfering and attacking Callihan, so he deserves to be in this match. Callis continues to call Callihan dangerous and a lunatic and says he’s injured multiple people including himself who got busted open and mentions how many times D’Amore has had to cover up due to Callihan’s behavior. Callis says wins and loses matter here in IMPACT and the best wrestler Moose should fight Kenny Omega, and there should be no reason why Callihan should be in this ‘great, Olympic level, wrestling match’. As he continues, D’Amore and Khan are in the corner whispering off to themselves. D’Amore says that this Saturday it will be Kenny Omega vs. Moose one-on-one and Khan starts to say if he knew how Don Callis would be, he would have second thoughts working with him. Khan says everybody wants to see a big clean match and the biggest matches have happened in Daily’s Place recently and that’s where Omega’s biggest matches have taken place and says that’s where the match will happen, and Sami Callihan will be barred from being there. Whoever wins that match will defend the title against Sami Callihan at Slammiversary on July 17th.

Hit or Bounty

Gia Miller tries to interview Don Callis, Kenny Omega, and the Good Brothers, but they are all upset due to what was just announced. Callis says tonight the Good Brothers will get rid of Callihan can call it a ‘hit or bounty’, Scott D’Amore comes in saying he heard all that and since they want to get their hands dirty with Callihan, the Good Brothers can take on Callihan and a mystery partner at Against All Odds in a Street Fight. Callis says they can now take out the partner as well and ‘murder’ them.

How to Be a Professional – Chapter Two: Communication

We get another How to be a Professional segment with Brian Myers and Sam Beale and ask him to take notes on what a ‘promo’ means. Myers says a ‘promo is a match, and a match is a promo’, as Beale looks confused. Myers then tells Beale to cut a promo about his match and says, “This Saturday night, at the Deer Park Community Center against Matt Cardona”. Beale then cuts a stereotypical promo on Cardona and tells Cardona he has a great tan, physique, and hot fiancé. Myers says that was horrible and he must bury him, and Beale thought you have to build someone up before taking them down.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Scott D’Amore backstage says enough is enough with Don Callis and the Invisible Hand and brings up the Good Brothers match at Against All Odds again, but Sami Callihan comes in and says it doesn’t matter who it is and would rather go in 1 on 2 in the match. Tommy Dreamer walks in and says the ol’ ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ line and Callihan needs a partner, and for the first time they can team up to take on their enemy. Callihan says against his better judgment he agrees to it, and if Dreamer messes up, he will beat his ass again. D’Amore says just like that Dreamer can come in and book himself in a match, but questions that he called Callis his enemy even though he’s an EVP and his boss and doesn’t need him to stir this up and make it worse. Dreamer apologies but says Scott can’t see that Don is his enemy. D’Amore gets a bit upset and walks away.

Rosemary vs. Havok

The stipulation for this match is if Havok wins she will be added to the Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rosemary Knockouts Championship match at Against All Odds. Rosemary starts the match with two spears and gets a two-count right into an inverted chin lock. Rosemary tries to go for a third spear, but Havok catches her and tosses her into the corner, where she lands a pair of running boots as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, Havok is in command, dragging Rosemary by her arm and into a Full Nelson and a clothesline into a two count. Rosemary comes back with another spear, crawls over, and gets a two count of her own. They start trading punches, but Rosemary can land her fourth spear of the match and finally gets the pin, as a result, Havok will not be added to the Knockouts Championship match at Against All Odds.

Winner: Rosemary by pinfall at 8:56

After the match, Rosemary and Havok seem to be talking over something, but Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan run in and start attacking both Rosemary and Havok, with Purrazzo applying the Venus De Milo on Rosemary. Susan grabs a microphone and says that’s what ‘these freaks get’ and says right now Tasha Steelz needs to come out and have her match with Kimber Lee.

Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo & Susan) vs. Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan)

Steelz starts the match with a dropkick taking Lee down, followed by a springboard hurricanrana attempt, but Lee catches her and powerbombs her on the top turnbuckle. Lee mounts Steelz and starts striking her before turning her around and starts cranking on her neck. Lee stays dominant, dragging Steelz face against the ropes, but they start trading chops. Lee stops them with a clothesline for a near fall. Steelz charges at Lee but ends up falling to the outside. As soon as she rolls back in, Lee goes to the attack, knocking her into every turnbuckle and hitting a sidewalk slam for a two count. Lee comes back with three back-to-back vertical suplexes, holding her up for a while for the third one for a two count. Lee goes for a senton, but Steelz puts her knees up. They counter back and forth a bit, with Steelz coming out with a modified Falcon Arrow for the three-count.

Winner: Tasha Steelz by pinfall at 5:45

After the match, all five ladies continue to fight, but Rosemary and Havok come out together and take out Susan, Deonna, and Kimber Lee, with Rosemary hitting As Above, So Below on Deonna. As Kiera tries to escape, Rosemary and Havok hit her with a double chokeslam and laugh together showing an alliance.

Mr. Mayhem

We get another vignette for Maclin who says if you could see the things he’s seen and done the things he’s done while it was do or die. And this is just a day in day out torture and once again his back is against the wall and it’s do or die. And either he’s going to need Mr. Mayhem, or you will.

Ace Up His Sleeve

Gia Miller is backstage with a beat-up Josh Alexander from last week’s Ironman match, sporting a black eye. Alexander did that to prove he can hang with the absolute best, and he told Scott D’Amore to line up challengers, he doesn’t care who is next and he’ll have his eyes on the Five Way match at Against All Odds. Ace Austin says it’s smart that he’ll watch that and asks if he’ll watch tonight’s tag match with the competitors. And if Alexander wants some advice, he shouldn’t watch it as Austin isn’t in it. Alexander says Austin is confident for someone who’s lost to him twice. Austin says he makes his own luck and always has an ace up his sleeve as he points to Madman Fulton.

Chris Bey & Rohit Raju vs. Petey Williams & Trey Miguel

These four men plus Ace Austin will be in the match on Saturday, as Raju and Petey start the match. Petey can trap Raju on the bottom rope, hit a dropkick, a Canadian Destroyer attempt but puts on a sharpshooter. Both Bey and Miguel tag in and run into each other a couple of times, duck and dodge each other, with Miguel catching Bey, but Bey turns it into a spinning arm drag. Petey tags in and he and Miguel hit a double kick to a dropping Bey as Petey gets a two count. Raju tags in tosses Petey to the apron, where Bey holds him, causing Raju to knock Petey off the apron, allowing Bey to attack him. Raju attacks once Petey is back in and gets a two-count. Bey comes in, hits a suplex, and gets a two-count. Raju and Miguel have an exchange, but Bey tries to stop Miguel, Miguel ends up putting Bey in a submission as well as suplexing Raju for a two count. Miguel jumps off the top rope, Raju dodges, Bey distracts Miguel, but Miguel still takes both down. Petey and Bey end up on the outside, while Miguel and Raju continue until Raju hits a jumping knee strike. Petey comes in, hits a codebreaker on Raju, as Miguel applies the Hourglass on Raju as he submits.

Winners: Petey Williams & Trey Miguel by submission at 7:27

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton run in and start attacking Miguel and Raju. Josh Alexander runs out, tries to put an ankle lock on Fulton, but Austin stops it and they double team on Alexander. Alexander fights out, as Bey, Miguel, Raju, and Petey come in and attack Fulton. Miguel and Bey hold Fulton up, as Petey hits a Super Canadian Destroyer from the top rope on Fulton.

Leave Some for Me

Gia Miller backstage with Willie Mack and Rich Swann, as she asks Mack how he feels about being in the ring tonight with W. Morrissey. Mack says tonight is a brand-new day, and being a no disqualification match, he’s going to take a piece of Morrissey’s ass with him. Swann asks Mack to leave some for him for Against All Odds and says he will be ringside and help. Mack asks Swann for no help tonight, and he can get his on Saturday.

All About Me Episode 3

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K welcome everybody and tell everybody to follow her on Instagram. They are excited about tonight’s ‘host’ and introduce Rachael Ellering, who comes out with Jordynne Grace. They seem a bit upset that Grace is there as she wasn’t invited and says there’s only room for Ellering and she can wait outside if anything. Grace finds a spot and says they will make it work. They reveal a gift for Ellering and it’s a t-shirt of Tenille and Kaleb that says The Influence, but Tenille says the gift is for her as ‘she’s the guest’. Tenille asks if Ellering wants to ask anything, Ellering says ‘why am I here’, as they battle back and forth on why Grace is even there. Ellering starts getting disrespected, and if she has an issue they can settle it this Saturday. Grace says if anybody feels disrespected, it’s her and she wants the match with Tenille instead. They argue a bit more, and Grace walks off saying she’s going to go talk to Scott D’Amore about the match now. Kaleb says they’ll ‘fix this in post’.

The World Belongs to Us

We go to Violent by Design backstage who say they feel like the odds have been stacked against them from the start, but here they are, the Tag Team champions. Eric Young says he is putting his faith into Deaner with him defending the title on Saturday before hyping up tonight’s match with Joe Doering vs. Eddie Edwards, and Doering will make his mark tonight. Their disease spreads across the world, including the Far East with Satoshi Kojima. Young says this world doesn’t belong to Kojima; it belongs to them.

Joe Doering (w/ Eric Young, Rhino & Deaner) vs. Eddie Edwards

Doering starts the match by tossing Edwards to the corner, before holding him back into it. Edwards dodges and starts chopping and striking on Doering. Doering comes back with a big shoulder tackle and starts digging his boot into Edwards’ throat in the corner, followed by choking him against the middle rope with Violent by Design heckling Edwards. Doering continues to control, hitting a couple of elbow drops for pin attempts. Edwards can finally come back and reverse into a vertical suplex. Edwards gets on the apron, but Rhino drags him down. Edwards takes him out, takes Doering to the outside, tries to dive onto him but Deaner trips him up causing the immediate disqualification.

Winner: Eddie Edwards by disqualification at 3:52

Kojima runs out and helps Edwards by taking out Violent by Design. Doering comes in and they go blow for blow, with Kojima clotheslining Doering to the outside where VBD has to hold him back.

We get a quickly produced video of Moose talking about his match with Kenny Omega this Saturday. D’Lo Brown and Josh Mathews chime in that even though Kenny has home team advantage, they are still going for Moose before running down the entire card.

No Disqualification Match: W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

Morrissey starts the match by tossing and holding Mack back into the corner. Mack tries to fight back, but Morrissey lands a kick in the stomach and whips Mack to the other turnbuckle but misses a big splash. Mack tries to slam Morrissey but fails and gets a clothesline as we go to the commercial.

When we come back, Morrissey is on the attack to Mack on the outside. Mack can counter and grabs a chain from under the ring, as he wraps it around his hand and starts punching the body of Morrissey. Mack grabs a chair and smacks Morrissey around with it. He goes for another one, but Morrissey dodges it, and the chair slams against the post. Back inside, Mack hits a splash in the corner followed by a cannonball, he goes for another one, but Morrissey ducks and hits a big boot. Morrissey grabs the chair from the outside and starts smacking Mack now with the chair, choking him out with it as well before he goes and grabs the chain Mack was using earlier. Morrissey wraps the chain around Mack’s eyes and pulls back on it. He goes to the outside and pulls it back again, this time on the nose of Mack. Morrissey lays Mack on top of the turnbuckle and smacks his back with the chair a couple more times. Morrissey misses a splash in the corner, as Mack hits a couple of kicks and a body slam, which seems to have hurt Mack as well but not enough for him to hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Mack starts swinging the chair now landing on the back of Morrissey. He places Morrissey on top of the chair, heads to the top but misses the Frog Splash as Mack lands on the chair. Morrissey goes for the elbow drop but lands on the chair himself, Mack gets up with the chair but receives a big boot from Morrissey, as the chair ricochets and hits him in the head, and Morrissey gets the pin.

Winner: W. Morrissey by pinfall at 15:33

Morrissey continues attacking, putting the chair and Mack in the corner ready to boot him, but Rich Swann runs in attacking Morrissey until security runs in to break it up. Morrissey swats them away and splashes Swann in the corner. He tries to continue but eventually starts to leave before Swann hits a chair shot to the back of Morrissey.

Siino Vision:

Nice go-home show for Against All Odds that ties in and sets up all the matches nicely, anyone who might be unfamiliar with IMPACT lately can easily just watch this episode and be fully caught up. Having Tony Khan actually appear in the ring gives a new sense of importance to their working relationship, and having the Moose and Kenny Omega match take place at Daily’s Place, AEW’s home turf definitely gives it a different twist. Should be interesting when they filmed this, and what sense of fans or roster will be present for this show. Also, with it being on AEW’s side, one should ask if Young Bucks or anybody else in AEW could show up, and obviously with Sami Callihan being barred from ringside, immediately gives the idea that he might just show up in some fashion.

Match-wise, the only one that really left an impression on me was the main event. For no disqualification standards, both men were able to keep me intrigued even though some spots got repetitive with the chair shots, the story of the match and emotion kept me hooked and made me more interested in what Morrissey can do with Swann on Saturday. IMPACT is the perfect opportunity for Morrissey to reinvent himself and I hope others like Maclin and whoever they bring in for Slammiversary will get the same treatment. The tag match also stood out, and no question the four-plus Ace Austin will most likely steal the show as always, at Against All Odds.