Impeached tonight

Now that is an impeachment I would be against! Ha ha. Love me some orange Cassidy.

Preaching to the choir. Yes Eileen liberal, but I agree. The Democrats have become extremely frustrating and ineffective. I can’t stand Donald Trump, but they frustrate me as well. Fuck all the tribalism.

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Here’s the thing. Trump asked Russia and China on live TV to interfere in the election. That’s abuse of power. [/quote]

When did this happen? Please don’t tell say that you’re referring to the sarcastic joke he made during the presidential campaign. Because if you are, then there’s no helping you.

Like it or not, there is actually a process for this, that the House Democrats decided to ignore. If they would have held a formal vote for an Impeachment inquiry, then they could have subpoenaed the witnesses they wanted to hear from. The President wouldn’t be able to stop anyone from testifying. But the way they chose to do it, no one was under any legal obligation to testify. They chose that way because if they had done it formally, and held a real impeachment inquiry, the Republicans would have been able to call witnesses to testify.

“iF tRUmP dOesN’t haVe AnyThINg tO hIDe hE shOULd hAvE LeT ThEm teSTiFy”

It’s not President Trump’s job to make the biased House Democrat’s job easier. Let them do the work.

Hey Stephen, better lock this one up too. I’m making factual sense, and can’t have any of that here.

Only the Democrats could likely blow the 2020 election by going through with impeaching that orangutan impersonator when it’ll never get past the Senate by likely pushing independent and any intelligent and sane moderate republican voters (if any exist) to vote republican in the election. Only AEW have managed to blow an even more sure thing. :joy: “China should investigate the Bidens.” This is interfering with the election.

I also like how you bring up factual sense, but still don’t believe in the climate crisis.

I’ll give you credit for attempting to back up your claim with what you think is proof of a crime. It’s not though. He told leaders of another country they might want to investigate the Biden’s. So what? The Biden’s shouldn’t be investigated because Joe is running for President? When did that allow you to be immune from investigation? President Trump and Not President Hillary Clinton would both tell you it doesn’t work that way.

I aim to please. Also, there is no climate crisis.

How do you filter on Patreon? I can’t read Fan(nies) posts who try to argue Trump is anything other than a lying sack of shit.

If there isn’t an ignore feature, just scroll real fast when you see my name. I support President Trump and don’t believe in “climate change”. I don’t want to upset your sensibilities.

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Lol, you certainly have the temperament and sensibilities of the president. But really, read between the lines. Trump didn’t care about Biden until he was a political opponent. But now all of a sudden Biden needs to be investigated? Trump didn’t care about Ukraine until 2019 when he thought they had dirt on Biden. Now all of a sudden he’s so concerned with Ukraine? He just happened to freeze the Ukraine aid 90 minutes after the call with Zelensky? Come on, you’ve got to be smarter than that.

Biden didn’t brag about having the prosecutor investigating his son fired via threat to hold up financial aid? You don’t see how Joe Biden is admittedly guilty of the crime you accuse President Trump of committing? Come on, you’ve got to be smarter than that.

President Trump was investigated during the 2016 campaign when he became a political opponent, via abuse of the FISA court by the FBI for the benefit of the Clinton campaign under the Obama administration. You don’t see that? Come on, you’ve got to be smarter than that.

I humbly respect your opinion and have an awesome and safe New Year. However, if Taichi is your favorite wrestler? We beefing!!:joy::joy:


Lol @Bdubz re blowing a sure thing. Legit made me laugh brother

Hunter Biden did nothing wrong. But you’re ok with the Trump kids making millions around the world with corrupt deals. But I can see you’re triggered, I’ll walk away the winner of this one.

I guess we’ll never know, seeing how the prosecutor was fired over Joe Biden holding Ukrainian aid money hostage.

You’re a winner!

Please look into this. Biden was acting on behalf of many nations who wanted the prosecutor gone. This went though all the proper channels. Trump acted unilaterally AFTER the money had been approved by multiple departments. He acted on his own for a personal political advantage. Hence why 500+ law professors say these are impeachable acts:

That’s super! You just don’t see that many people that work for Universities that dislike President Trump. It’s refreshing that they were able to find so many of them.

My only regret is that I won’t get a chance to vote for him to serve a third term, darn constitution.

Glad you enjoyed that one MJ. :wink:

And when you don’t have points, you’re left with sarcasm. Jokes about the constitution. Have a wonderful Christmas.

No points left? Nothing I’m going to say is going to change your mind. You want to practice Meisner exercises to justify your feelings, have at it.

If you’re an American citizen, first of all, congratulations, you hit one of life’s jackpots. But more importantly, Donald J. Trump is still your president, there is no climate crisis, and he’ll be your president for the foreseeable future. You might not like it, but you better learn to love it, because he’s the best thing going today.

If you’re not an American citizen, I truly am sorry and will be praying for you. I’d say “God Bless”, but you’re not Americans, so, why tease you with hope, right?

Wow. Some of the posts in this thread are gross af.