In a perfect world, Cody just wins the MITB, challenges for SummerSlam/Survivor Series, and we all can close this story.

To note, Cody has been VERY specific regarding how exactly he wants to finish his story, ignoring the very easy path of facing Seth for the new title. I know the easy answer is that he should have won it at last year’s WM, but I’m personally in the camp that I prefer Roman to hold it as I was expecting an impactful 2023 reign. Didn’t happen unfortunately.

With CM Punk and The Rock now in the fold, I prefer to see them contest Roman than Cody. So, I propose that Cody simply win the MITB and formally challenge Roman at SS, or even Survivor Series. This way he can act like he’s cornering Roman, he is calling his own shot, he’s beating Roman however it needs to go down (steel cage?), and it’s not interfering with the many stories that can happen with Roman.

I’ve always thought Cody would somehow challenge Priest for the briefcase, win it and then challenge Roman for the title (similar to RVD/Cena). I can’t see them telling the exact same story as last year with the Runble, with our without Rock.

If Roman is working Rock at Mania, he’s not dropping it to Cody anytime soon.
At this point they’re pushing him past former champions. The biggest record within range is Hogan’s 1,474 days. They’re at 1200 days right now.

Hey, maybe they push past Bruno’s reign and go till Mania 44.

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I wasn’t too surprised by the WM39 main event last year because I’ve thought for a while (at least since he retained in Wales) that they’re gunning for Hogan’s 1,474 days.

If they aren’t, then I don’t know why Cody lost this past Mania.

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Yea, respectfully, where the hell does Priest end up in all of this??? In my head it’s Seth/CM Punk. If Punk wins and Priest cashes in, that’ll be some chicken-shit shit, especially as Priest is an intimidating performer. Same if Seth wins. In fact, I don’t even think I truly want to see Damien as champion unless it’s going to lead to his smugness and ego blowing up JD…

This is going to be a pivotal year, but for dang sure none of this should involve Cody at the moment. It’s almost like he’s been sidelined so hard it would make sense for him to say be in a mixed tag with Jade or fight an ultra-special performer at WM. Not go against Roman just to finish a very niche “story”

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I think a big issue is right now that at Mania 39 (Cody should have won…) but the landscape was very different.

  • Vince as far as anyone can tell, was heavily involved in creative.

  • CM Punk wasn’t on the roster.

  • The Rock wasn’t confirmed for Mania 40.

These variables have changed things greatly. I cannot see a world in which out of all the options on the table, Mania (or any show this year) ends with Cody beating Roman for the title.

I totally see this. I don’t think they just give Punk the title reign the fans always wanted. I think Priest goes super heel and cashes in on him. Punk doesn’t really need the title though really but whether he feels that way is something different

Maybe I’m not thinking enough like a person trying to make money, but I think Punk needs to show that he’s going to stick around a bit and play ball before you put your world title on him. Have him wrestle some matches, have him do a job (one that makes sense, not just “to teach him a lesson”), and then see where he fits into the title picture. Right now, he’s The Undertaker. His match is a main event regardless of where it is on the card and with or without the world title. Take advantage of that while it lasts.

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