INTERVIEW: Amy Rose talks re-signing with ROH, if she hopes to wrestle more

Originally published at Amy Rose talks re-signing with ROH, if she hopes to wrestle more


Arriving to Ring of Honor in 2017, Amy Rose has taken on several different roles within the company. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she could be seen at ringside along with ROH ambassador Cary Silkin. Amy is also a part of the ROH dojo, she’s a backstage interviewer and correspondent along with contributing to the La Faccion Ingobernables group with Kenny King, Bestia del Ring, ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee and ROH World Champion RUSH.

To kick off 2021, Ring of Honor announced that a handful of talents re-signed with the company and one of those individuals was Amy Rose. I had the chance to chat with Amy and she explained that one of the reasons she decided to put pen to paper again was because of how the company took care of their talent during the pandemic. On top of that, she views ROH as her family and that made it an easier choice.

The reason I decided to go back to Ring of Honor, stay with the company is because honestly, they are taking care of all of us. Throughout this entire pandemic, I would say there’s maybe nine months where I couldn’t be at the events. So all of my input was through social media, making content for the fans on Week By Week and throughout that entire process, Ring of Honor continued to pay me and my colleagues and to me, that spoke volumes. That meant a lot to me that they were willing to take care of us and help us throughout these tough times. There’s a lot of companies that I’ve seen that weren’t as kind, let people go during these tough times and that’s what really helped me make that decision to say, ‘Alright, you guys invested in me. Now, I do have the opportunity to come back and be at the shows. I’m gonna give 110 percent there.’

The other reason that I decided to stay with Ring of Honor is because I feel like they’re my family. I’ve been there for a very long time now. I started 2017, like you said, ringing the bell and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been grinding it out, went through the dojo system and these are my family members. These are the people that I spend so much time with, so for me it was really an easy choice.

Amy has competed for the Ring of Honor sub-division, Future of Honor which spotlights the talents of the ROH dojo. She was asked if she’d ever consider or if she hopes to make the transition to a full-time in-ring talent.

As of right now, she loves being able to lend her hand to various departments but she does hope to step into the ring as a member of the ROH women’s division someday.

So I think for me, I really enjoy all aspects of wrestling. I love being ringside as a manager, I love helping the guys come together, come up with plans, make everything come through, and I love just to be able to be part of the match. Not necessarily being in the match, to me, is really special. I like to tell a story, so for me that is always really cool. But, I will say after so much time in the Ring of Honor dojo, all the drills I did, all the matches I’d had, all the times where I got my butt beat, I definitely would love the opportunity to step into the ring and represent for the women’s division in Ring of Honor, and I’m hoping and I’m praying that just like the Pure division, the women’s division gets a reboot as well and we get to bring in there some new ladies and hopefully get time for that Women of Honor Championship.

Prior to the pandemic, ROH was gearing up for their Supercard of Honor show in Florida, 18th Anniversary and the Past vs. Present show. Along with those events, they were beginning to roll out the presentation for the ROH Women’s World Championship tournament. Amy said that she does not know if she was planned to be a part of the tournament, but going forward, if the tournament does take place, she is expecting to take part it in.

So I didn’t hear anything just yet because we were still in the process of getting everything together and at that time, I was more focused on the managing aspect of things but I do think going forward, if we do continue which I’m definitely expecting, I would hope so soon. I think when the women’s division does come back, you guys may just see me there as a surprise, who knows?

After tallying up five years in Ring of Honor, Amy Rose has seen the ups and downs of the company’s women’s division, ranging from notable names coming in, those same names departing, the trajectories and down periods. She said there has definitely been struggles but she’s excited for the new crop of talents that ROH will hopefully bring in to the division and also for the talents that they have on hand like Sumie Sakai, Angelina Love and Mandy Leon who have not had the opportunity to compete during ROH’s reboot.

Definitely. I think that it’s definitely had its ups and downs. There’s definitely been some struggles. A lot of talent that will start with us and then will end up finding opportunities elsewhere. Sometimes that will cause a little bit of a setback but I do believe that when we come back, it’s gonna be something different and it’s gonna be a lot more focused and a lot more attention will be put on it and I’m excited to see all the new talent that may be coming through. I’m excited to see the girls that have been there for a very long time: Sumie Sakai, Mandy Leon, I’m excited for Angelina , all these women who really haven’t had the opportunity to shine during this pandemic. I’m so excited for them to come back and have that opportunity and I’ve seen Maria Kanellis is now coming in, she’s hearing everyone’s voice so I think the best thing you guys can do is choose your honor like she says. Speak your mind, let them know that women’s wrestling is important to you guys and let them know who you guys wanna see in the ring.

At ROH events, Rose was often spotted at ringside sitting next to ROH ambassador Cary Silkin. I asked why Silkin and herself were sitting in their positions at most shows. She said she helps out with the social media content while Cary likes watching the matches and also provides some entertainment to those in the surrounding area with his jokes.

So I think for me, when I was at ringside, I really enjoyed taking over Ring of Honor’s Instagram and I would catch live videos, photos at ringside, and I really like showing people what it’s like to sit there because honestly, you could have every seat in the entire arena but there’s nothing like being at that ringside table. You’re right there in the action, you have the best view. I mean there’s been so many times when me and Cary have had to run for our lives because people are crashing through our table. It’s unexpected a lot of time too. We’ll just be sitting there and next thing you know, RUSH is just slamming someone through the table. So, I think that’s what I really like to do at ringside. Cary is hilarious. Cary likes to watch the matches but he also likes to make some jokes, crack jokes with me and I think a lot of the time if you look at the footage, you happen to see us, we’re usually laughing, we’re having a good time. He’s always having fun at ringside.

Rose is featured in the latest ROH Week By Week in a segment with Kenny King and ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee.

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