Is this journalism?

It all started over the proposed Undertaker/John Cena match. Jimmy Korderas would disagree and attack an opinion and this guy went right there.

Pretty classless imo…and if I see any stories of his here or any other forums I’m on…it’s getting derailed quick.

Bix is alright on his podcast Between The Sheets, but he does seem like a guy who has an agenda to dig up past mistakes wrestlers allegedly made out of the blue and crucify them for it. Some of what he writes can be seen as justifiable, but Jimmy Korderas seems like a hell of a nice guy to me and not sure I understand the context here.


Oh boy, that line is so cringe. Thanks for the laugh there.

But on topic, I can’t really see what’s going on. Show us the whole thread instead of two isolated screen shots.

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Not quite on topic… but I’ve heard Jimmy disagree with WWE probably hundreds of times over the years.

And Bixenspan typically comes off as one of those elitists who equates intelligence with knowing who Wild Bill Longson was.

Would if the asshat didn’t delete the entire thread.

Lucky to get those screenshots

Korderas disagreed with his opinion about the proposed Undertaker/Cena match and said he knew both guys and is confident in their skills, Bixenspan took that as somehow being a curmudgeon and started acting like a mark who thinks he has a right to his opinion but gets offended when someone else expressed theirs and it didn’t blindly agree with his.

Bix is a good lad for the most part. Occasionally, he can get a bit out-of-sorts but I believe he just wants the business to grow and evolve. The attack on Jimmy K appears to be unwarranted but I can’t fully comment without seeing the entire thread. His work for DeadSpin is also usually of a high quality.

Also, this;

This is a very bad thought process. Everyone has the right to critique and state an opinion on anything they bloody well like.

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You’re not including.

You’re taking words out of context and trying to paint a narrative.

Everyone has a right to their opinion, it doesn’t make their opinion right/fact/law/infallible and doesn’t make them exempt from anyone else expressing their own that criticises their opinions.

Just like everyone can get as offended all they want. …but it doesn’t make them instantly right in their offense.

No, the narrative is pretty clear buy the phrasing of “started acting like a mark who thinks he has a right to his opinion”. Why would he ‘think’ he has a right to an opinion? He all ready has one and is allowed to use it. So you all ready fucked up at the first hurdle.

Your usage of the word ‘mark’ too, is only used by cretins and Russo/Cornnette back-packers.

I’ve fallen into a Deezy troll job again. I am so easy, for fuck’s sake.

Hilarious how you don’t keep reading the full sentence before jumping on that. Clearly the entire statement doesn’t just imply but flat out says he thinks he has a right to his opinion and gets offended when someone else expresses a different one.

But of course you’d miss that, since you have that same attitude.

Jumping on someone using “mark” is such a Meltzer fanboy thing to do. …no wonder you’re trying to defend a guy trying to insinuate a guy who didn’t agree with him was a victim of sexual harassment and suffering from Stockholm syndrome to his followers and didn’t even have to balls to tag him and deleted it after te guy asked him what he was trying to say.

Settle it down boys.

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Yeah @Deezy, you’d better watch the first half of your sentences! It’s almost like they’re incomplete thoughts or something!

I am starting to get pretty annoyed with the amount of pointless arguments @Deezy and @ShaneSilver are getting into. How about you boys exchange phone numbers or email addresses and move the endless bickering off this forum.

If this continues, you both won’t be welcome here anymore.


This is my first interaction with him in quite a while, as I’ve come to realise that he’s just a giant troll. So if you’re going to police anything, it should be his posts turning this forum into shitty place full of pointless arguments and alt-right bollocks.

Does my boy Jimmy K. Have skeletons in his closet? I never heard a bad word about him.

Hey we’re all passionate wrestling fans here. Let’s get along. The rest of the world don’t get us. All we got is each other as cheesey as that sounds. And I’m not taking any side.

You guys had a pointless back and forth over Jonathan Coachman 2 weeks ago, so very recently.

If your new to the internet let me give you a little advice on trolls. If you don’t take the bait they tangle in front of you they just move on and look for an argument elsewhere.

Use the report feature and make the mods aware of your issue next time instead of annoying everyone else on this forum.

Thanks for your continued cooperation to make this forum a friendly environment.

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Anyone actually read here? Clearly I was being openly mocked first quote but I answered a question and my words were skewered, how am I supposed to clear up a quote taken out of context without defending my original statement?

I haven’t directly insulted anyone here, but I’m the apparent alt-right troll? People need to learn to handle differing opinions here.