Israel-Hamas conflict discussion

Over the past weekend, I’ve been glued to my television set watching all the coverage from CNN and BBC News and I know we have some friends here who are in the line of fire. Over a 1000 lives lost and seeing videos online of women & children being slaughtered really got to me. I think this a worthy place to at least have some civil discussion on what’s been going on. And to try to connect something to wrestling, I’m sure ratings for the all the news networks will be on the very top this week.

So does anyone have any thoughts? Hopes for how the conflict ends? Concerns?

It’s been extremely concerning. I’ve basically been glued to the news in between talking to friends and colleagues about it.

Obviously, the ramifications here are huge. You’re dealing with countries that will support either side that are much larger and more powerful and if Russia, India, Pakistan, USA, etc. I’ll get involved then you could be looking at a world war in the worst case situation.

I try to support my Jewish friends as much as I can. Sometimes it’s just being a sounding board other times it’s just checking in to make sure they’re OK or inviting them to do something to get their minds off this. The images and stories are horrific. I don’t have the stomach to see a lot of stuff involving young kids.

The world really sucks sometimes.

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We just had Russia and Ukraine last year and now this on top of it.

This whole thing is way beyond my tiny brain’s comprehension and understanding. I can’t wrap my head around what these Hamas goons are hoping to accomplish outside of instigating a world war on behalf of bigger players, as Alex inferred. Failing an intervention by said bigger players, this seems like a great way to invoke massive civilian casualties inside your own borders.

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It would be great if just somehow a miracle can happen and a solution to this ongoing terrible situation can be found.

As always it’s terrible governments making decisions that have huge ramifications for the people who just wanna live a peaceful life on either side. Civilisation is so messy and complicated at times.

I’ve been away for a week and missed everything but what I’ve read is truly shocking

What makes this kind of particularly scary is how many people
Support and justify the actions.

If you think back to the Gulf War, for instance, we didn’t have sympathy for the other side because it was clesr they were committing atrocities. Here they’re protests, almost condoning and supporting this senseless slaughter, and when you have that you start to get the beginnings of how much bigger problem that could erupt from this.

Moreover, one doesn’t attack a much bigger opponent without some form of backup. To use the resting analogy Christian Cage isn’t attacking people without Luchasaurus watching his back and I guess the question here is who is Hamas’ version of Luchasauraus.

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Iran has been identified as a financial supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah. It’s scary that Hezbollah (yikes) are apparently moving people into Syria on the Israeli border. It’s unknown if Hezbollah will get involved or watch from the sidelines, cheering Hamas on.

Knowing this, follow the geopolitical web to find potential allies and financial backers.

Historians, political scientists, legal, policy, and military experts have looked at the unbelievable tense and complicated geo and ethnopolitics in the region as a potential powder keg for the next “big one.” Unfortunately, there’s long been tension on the rubber band, always on the verge of snapping.

Let’s hope all use their collective heads on that front.

The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is already scary and we’ve only just begun. It will only get worse until we stop the senselessness of it all.

However, as a historian, I don’t want to notice but can’t avoid some of the trends emerging and echoing history.

May we avoid another dance of the furies, for we might not survive another. Peace, love, and eternally oneness with the groove for all.


Yeah I’ve heard there’s been protest in the UK but I haven’t witnessed any.

There’s generally a lot of support for Palestine in the UK. There’s regular gatherings in support of the Palestinians and it’s not unusual to see a Palestinian flag on any old protest.

I think people should be able to support the Palestinian people without being abused for supporting the atrocities of the other day of Hamas. But this issue has been allowed to fester for decades and from what I’ve read support for Hamas is wavering (kind of like Putin before he invaded Ukraine).

I haven’t seen anyone justifying the actions of Hamas but I’m sure loads of idiots online do. The UK govt are considering making; displaying the Palestinian flag a criminal offence or something and that seems a little crazy (but that’s our govt right now).


Ps. I love we can have discussions like this on here. If any of my words are ever offensive I apologise in advance. I know so little on the matter really and I’m someone who’s visited Jerusalem and witness the violence first hand. People need to just talk though … let’s try and keep it all civil even if some disagree with one another

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Agreed. You can support Palestine and the living conditions (or lack the rot) in Gaza and West Bank etc.

However supporting Hamas and their recent actions is very much in a different light.

That’s like saying you may have supported Bin Ladens view that the US overstayed their welcome in Saudi Arabia for their oil interests but you are not going to support his actions on 9/11.

History has taught us that Israel will retaliate and not negotiate with terrorists (ie the Idi Amin incident). So Hamas knew what response this would provoke.

One also has to wonder how much it factors in that Trump could be president again, since he is extremely pro Israel, and a bit of a ticking time bomb in terms of how to respond to something like this. Hamas might view Biden as a weaker leader in that regard.


If we only could, the world would be a better place. We’re all the same in the end…

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Hi, as some of you may know I’m Israeli. It’s been a couple of crazy weeks and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get any less crazy. If anyone has any questions I’d like to answer to the best of my ability.

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Hey there, are you in Israel now or have you left?
I hope all your family are safe

I was actually abroad when everything started, but I returned on Saturday. My immediate family are all safe, thank you.


I’m really happy you’re safe man.

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Putting the numbers into context is pretty crazy. Since Israel is such a small country, 1500 deaths in these terrible terrorist attacks translate into around 65000 if it were the US. Let that sink in. I don’t want to know what the US would do in Israel’s place.

In my opinion, this statement shows a rather clear determination on the part of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. he says :“To dismantle the military capacity of Hamas and secure the return of hostages.” This statement marked a turning point, indicating a strategy that went beyond mere retaliation, aiming to address a more humanitarian aspect of this complex conflict.