Jade Cargill further explains decision to leave AEW, needed to be in an established company

Originally published at Jade Cargill further explains decision to leave AEW, needed to be in an established company

Cargill feels it was a move she had to make. 

Ahead of making her WrestleMania debut on night one of the two-night event, Jade Cargill joined Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry on Busted Open

As the conversation rolled on, Cargill further spoke about her decision to depart All Elite Wrestling. The former and longest-reigning TBS Champion stated that AEW is a growing company, but she’s 31-years-old and needs to be with an established promotion. 

Cargill added that time is not on her side and she does not have time to be with a growing company. She went on to make the comment that ‘the front office is the front office’ in WWE.

It was a couple decisions that made me come to WWE. I mean, other than the fact that the machine is ridiculous over here, the connections, the history, the legacy, it’s one of one, you know? AEW is a new company. Obviously, they’re still figuring things out, but that happens in every company. You have to figure things out, what’s good and what’s bad. I am 31, I don’t have time to really grow with a company at my age. I have to be in an established company and I have to go over there and let that be known because you can’t do this forever and as a woman, especially in your 30s, the majority of the fan base is like, ‘Okay, well it’s time for her to go about her way. What’s next for her?’ And let’s be real, people wanna see, regardless if they’re good or not, they wanna see that 20-something-year-old on TV rather than that 30-something-year-old woman on TV. So time is not on my side and I knew I had to make the best decision for me, but not just for me, my family. It gets no better than this. The front office is the front office and I think that’s the best way to sum up what it is and I trust the process. I have a WrestleMania match and again, the front office is the front office.

Cargill is going to team with Bianca Belair and Naomi to take on Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane & Asuka) at WrestleMania 40. 

The trio of Cargill, Belair and Naomi appeared on the 4/5 SmackDown to address Damage CTRL. 

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Busted Open with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription.

Mania Weekend = WWE Dunk contest. :laughing:

For the tribalist fans out there, gobble it up and turn this week-long posterization of AEW into ammo.

For the rest, Jade says a lot here that reflects somewhat poorly on AEW management and pro-wrestling (and pop-culture) fandom that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Side note: as I am just learning about Jade’s match from this news post, it’s good to see WWE keeping with its tradition of grouping “things that look alike” together for a faction/mania multi-person match. :woman_facepalming: WWE did this to get the N.W.A. crew fired up, I’m sure of it. LOL!

Jade Cargill was undefeated and never wrestled or was considered for the women’s title (the main one). It makes no sense

It makes perfect sense. She was already a champion. Unless they were unifying the chips she has no reason to challenge. If Seth Freakin was undefeated would you be saying he should challenge for the universal? Come on now

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The title she had was useless. And Seth Rollins has challenged Roman reigns for that title. Lots of times before. It’s like they just made Jade a side character and didn’t have her interact with the biggest names on the roster.

Like she’s undefeated for so long and she never wrestles Britt or Toni or Riho or Shida, or any of their top talent? So what she just beating up on jobbers?

Like there is no progression

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She was the inaugural champion of a title in a new company. They were trying to build her and the belt at the same time using a Goldberg-style undefeated streak. AEW dropped the ball on her booking, which is something they seem really good at right now considering how Jay White was booked on Wednesday. Lol!

Is the title useless? Yes, but it wasn’t at launch and AEW booking is not Jade’s fault.


Nyla rose is a former champion and she beat her. Never is not actually correct here.

Yeah, like I don’t disagree they were trying to build that belt and I think it made sense. What didn’t make sense is taking her completely away from the top five or six women in the company and never letting her even interact with them.

Like it just made it seem like she was off on some side planet doing her own thing and it never changed. If it started like that, but then somehow wove her back in with the top talent that would’ve made sense or even have the top talent go for that belt. But it was almost like this is a sideshow and it’s always gonna be a sideshow


Now you’re totally grasping at straws.

What about Britt, Riho, Shida, Toni?

How come none of them ever challenge Jade if that title means so much? How come Jade never interacted with them

I think Jade is a smart lady. She saw that her ceiling was going to be, perhaps, not interacting with the top women.

So it doesn’t really sound like there was much AEW could have done to keep Jade except for skyrocketing into the number one company, but they still gave her the kid gloves treatment for far too long. I was all aboard the Jade Cargill train, she had so much to offer. I was screaming for them to do something significant with her, so was left pretty frustrated by her booking.

I get that Tony was gunshy about her in ring ability but this is the same guy that booked Sting to perfection. Jade is physically more capable than Sting is, and I’m sure she could have got by feuding with the Britt Bakers and Rihos and putting together a carefully planned match at the end of the feud. They weren’t getting anywhere giving her non-competitive matches in perpetuity.

Under previous regimes I completely see where you are coming from, however in this particular case it makes sense from a story standpoint.

Damage Control should get a match as they are the Tag champs and have been prominent figures in the Women’s division this past year, and due to bad booking of the division there really aren’t any real teams that make sense as challengers. Bianca has to get on the card as she’s way to big of a star to be left off, and given her history with Damage Control over the past couple years something with Damage Control makes sense. So if you are going to do a tag match or a 6 women match, that leaves you with the following babyfaces left to partner with Bianca after accounting for injuries: Jade Cargill, Naomi, Liv Morgan, Mia Yim, Zelina Vega, Nikki Cross, and Ivy Nile. Of all these babyfaces, I have to imagine they want to Jade on the biggest show of the year because she’s clearly about to get the rocket strapped to her back, so that leaves one spot if you want to put Kai in the match. The only other person who is at the level of Naomi is Liv and Liv is on Raw while Naomi is on SD and has been also feuding with Damage Control as Liv has been intertwined in the Becky/Nia stuff, so between the two I’d give the spot to Naomi as well (though if it were me booking I’d have it be a tag match with Jade being a mystery partner and the two of the them winning the titles leading to a match at next years mania between the two.)

No disrespect to your point, I do agree with you on the historical side of this.

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We’ll see what Jade says in a year. It’s taken her seven months to even get a match.

WWE definitely knows how to book women better but she might not have it. She probably learns how to maybe sell a move once in a while now.

I’m not watching, so I’m not aware of the storyline to put them together. I’m only getting 1/3rd of the WWE story development from podcasts, one of which is not the smackdown show.

I get there is a storyline for it, but optics are and can be what they are.

Seeing the alignment - Team Pacific (Damage Control) and Team Jade - instantly made Brother Nate’s voice appear in my head, speaking with echoes from the recent past.

Sorry for overstepping. I’ll keep out of these conversations. But you cannot fault me for not giving that company the benefit of the doubt.



I mean, this is the same guy responsible for these choices. (I’m talking about Paul Lesveque, to be clear.)


Geezes, I think I had blocked that out of my memory :joy: awful stuff

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Oh no overstepping at all, I 100% get the optics and don’t blame you for thinking this. Decades of booking from Vince has conditioned us to think the worse. Look no further then the @MarkP post.

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Oh, and the company sure isn’t helping themselves here…


Wing Stop? Seriously? NO ONE in that company saw any potential issue with the talent/match pairings for these specific ad partners. Really? :laughing:

Is the person calling this out actually having the racist mindset or is this really racist? I would want a black person and a mexican to elaborate on this. I have been to a roscoe’s chicken and waffles and I tell you I didn’t spot a single white person besides me in that restaurant.

I hope this is directed at the tweet and not me.

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