Jade Cargill going to WWE

Per Sean Ross Sapp

If true, what a waste for AEW. But I do think she is probably better suited for WWE. Tony needs to fix his women’s division ASAP or I’m sure others will leave.

I wonder how much Cody may have helped with recruiting too.

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Good for her.

I heard loads of negative comments about her but I thought she was fine and can definitely do a job is used correctly.

Be interesting to see if WWE can use her right or just stick her in a joke tag team with piper Niven or something

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Interesting…I like the idea of talent going back and forth, hopefully WWE use her well and better then she was in AEW. Like with Cody, I do think its in WWE’s best interests to use talent that jump well if they want more talent to jump in the future, with that said, there is always the Vince factor which is a wildcard. I’m curious to see how this plays out.

Spoilers - Rampage ending probably confirms this

Bad taste here. They made her. I think she owed them a bit of a longer run.


No such thing. She fulfilled her contract.

Ideological differences.

I dont think its just this. Didnt WWE already turn her down before? Then AEW gave her a massive spotlight and made her a big deal. Its obvious she just cares about the money and the fame.

She’ll eventually burn WWE too when she gets offers outside of them. I like her and I’ll still cheer for her, but this puts a bad taste in my mouth too.

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They weren’t really doing a lot with her. Such a waste to have her off on her own island for her entire run. “Saved” a lot of potential big matches for a time that never came.

That’s one of my biggest issues with Khan’s booking - what is he saving so much for? They now have a million ppvs and five hours of TV every week. I can see saving stuff back in 2019 or 2020 AEW but not anymore.


I dont like it either. I will never understand why we never got Swerve vs Keith Lee.


We don’t know anything about the contracts being offered. It’s likely WWE’s offer exceeded what she was offered by AEW.

And I don’t think she was overall treated well by AEW fans. And not just because she played a heel. She got a lot of hate online that went beyond everyday criticism. Whereas being a promo driven character she will fit right into NXT & the WWE system.


My ears must be broken because I thought she’d been getting very positive reactions at shows for at least the last year, if not longer.

Because if you don’t “save” matches you end up with Randy Orton vs whoever 36 and it’s no longer an attraction.

It’s why AEW uses so many enhancement talents and I personally like it. Not so keen on the jobbers but they have a purpose against a Big Bill.

I hope we get the Swere and our glory payoff but it may come out of a tournament or something and we’ll all be invested in it.

If you’re gonna run a company and have the big talents there for 10+ years you can’t just do all the matches everyone wants to see in year one

We don’t know anything about the overwhelming majority of things we comment about on platforms such as this. If this is going to be the standard, it’s going to get awfully quiet around these parts.

I get that she is out of contract and we can sit here and say that she is a performer and she exhibited her skills at such a level that now she has multiple suitors and can now choose the best offer available.

However, wrestling is still an art form that depends largely on wins and losses to tell a story. They gave her the push of all pushes which allowed her to showcase these skills and create a mystique. We can also consider the wisdom of doing this for a performer on such a short deal but it does feel that they’ve made all the investment and has the rest of the roster put her over just for Jade to walk out. It just feels off.

I understand where certain people are coming from in this thread, as a fan there is a certain sense of loyalty you want to see from certain performers, its no different then your favourite sports team. Personally I don’t feel that any of us should be upset with performers for choosing to work somewhere else, disappointed sure, but it’s their right just as every one of us have the right to work or not work at our places of employment.

AEW has every right in the world to not renew a contract (ie. Sonny Kiss), and a performer has every right to not renew as well (ie. Jade). I don’t think its fair to expect performers to be blindly loyal to a promotion when we certainly don’t expect the promotion to do the same.

I don’t know her reasoning, but I’m sure the fact that WWE does do a better job IMO of highlighting the women’s division played a factor. Not that WWE books their women perfect by any stretch as a lot of women do feel lost in the shuffel, but I understand just like I understood when certain WWE talents (ie. Adam Cole, Brian Danielson etc.) went the other way.

This is good for the industry, we need more of this.

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There is a big difference in the situations of Cole, Danielson and Cargill. If Im not mistaken, Cargill once talked about WWE saying something negative about her family life/children. I dont recall exactly what it was, but combine that with her recent comments in interviews about Tony Khan and sticking with AEW, it makes me lose respect for her.

Of course I dont expect her to come out and slander AEW and say she wants to go to WWE or whatever, but there is a way to say things, without blatantly lying or slandering.

I know nothing of her work or usage since I stopped watching. In the end, it doesn’t matter, I side with the athlete/performer.

I hope she got the most money to work the fewest dates possible.

She might have had made less-than-favorable comments about WWE in the past - which I do vaguely remember - but the TKO merger might provide her an Avenue to other entertainment opportunities outside of wrestling and WWE is the gateway into that ecosystem.

She’ll be great at whatever she does. .


I can’t speak to the bold, I never read that (not to say its untrue, I just have no idea). I feel being upset with her for speaking negatively about AEW is understandable, but I think that’s a different gripe then being upset with her for leaving. I don’t really love it either when performers bash their former employers, especially when their former employer made them a star.

With that said, I just cant be mad at a performer for jumping. Wrestling can be a very short career, and even if someone takes a job purely based on money, all the power to them. When their careers are over, its more important that they have enough money in the bank to take care of themselves and their families then keeping a segment of fans happy.

Also, I’m sure the prospect of working with Becky, Charlotte, Bailey, Asuka, Io etc. is very intriguing for her.

For those interested, I think these are the comments in question, which this article alleges are from Talk is Jericho - which I’ve never listened to.

@TheBenjamin I think you should put REPORT: in the headline as there’s no confirmation about this yet just to be safe. Just saying.