Jeff Hardy arrested earlier this week, WWE releases statement

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A report came out on Friday revealing Jeff Hardy’s latest arrest, which occurred on Thursday evening in North Carolina for driving while impaired.

Mike Johnson at was the first to report the arrest that took place in Moore County on Thursday night and was released at approximately 11:30 pm that night.

Hardy was arrested for driving while impaired in March 2018 and arrested for public intoxication this past July.

He has been out of action since April following surgery on his leg and turned 42-years-old this past August.

The WWE released their standard statement that “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions”.

That statement from the wwe is fucking infuriating. How can a billion dollar company act like that?


Makes you really hate the angle they did with him and Joe a few months back.

This whole stance by WWE is ridiculous and gross.

Wellness policy violations get you suspended… But being arrested for breaking the law, and being a danger to yourself and others…“he’s a big boy and it’s his responsibility”.

I’m sure (and waiting on those) people will say that WWE can’t control what people do in their personal lives etc. . . But seriously this company, as big as it is, needs to step up. Are people employees or not? You’re suspending them for breaking these laws over here - but not these ones over there.

This company can’t have it every way they want it.


The WWE Network should do a rehab show. Maybe lure back DDP to be the Dr. Drew for Hardy, the Usos, etc.

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I don’t necessarily disagree with WWE’s stance on this as what he does outside of WWE isn’t their responsibility and isn’t something that they can control but you’d think they’d want to help this poor bastard out before he either kills himself or someone else.

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I can’t remember the last time Jeff Hardy was on TV and I don’t think he even cares about that to be honest. Suspending him would achieve nothing other than people saying “WWE are doing something about it”. It’s better for PR I guess…

I agree.

It’s not WWEs fault

Sometimes, the answer is in the question.

Disagree with you, but I still love you.

Back to Impact, please