Jeff Hardy confirms that he's going to AEW

Originally published at Jeff Hardy confirms that he's going to AEW

Jeff Hardy heading to All Elite Wrestling.

While at his concert, Jeff Hardy chatted with Jared Myers for an interview. As their discussion rolled on, Hardy confirmed that is heading to All Elite Wrestling and is excited and nervous to do so.

The interview was recorded near the stage so the music overtook Hardy’s voice. POST Wrestling reached out to Jared Myers and he confirmed that Hardy did say he’ll be joining AEW when his non-compete with WWE expires. Hardy added that he and Matt are going to have another run as a duo.

Jeff was released from WWE in December 2021 after an ‘incident’ at a house show. Matt Hardy would later state that he felt WWE jumped the gun on releasing Jeff.

In interviews dating back to when Jeff was still with WWE, both he and Matt expressed their respective desires to work with one another again. Throughout their time as a team, Jeff and Matt captured over ten Tag Team Championships.

Good…both are better together. I really dont want to see either in their current (or in Jeffs case, a few months back) roles, so one last run as the Hardy’s with AEW’s stacked tag division is perfect.

Damn. I just don‘t know what people see in Jeff Hardy. He is sloppy in the ring. Unreliable outside with obvious drugs or other substance issues. Anyone remember that TNA title match where Sting just had to pin him?? So No, I am not happy he is going to AEW and I think they are making a mistake. I hope they won‘t regrett this