Jeff Jarrett & Global Force Entertainment file lawsuit against Anthem Sports & Entertainment

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Last Thursday, a lawsuit was filed by Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment (GFE) against Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, which is a subsidiary of the company that oversees Impact Wrestling. Jarrett is being represented by Samuel Miller of the Miller Legal Partners firm.

The news of the suit was first reported by Mike Johnson of and the full suit can be viewed on the Pro Wrestling Sheet website.

In the suit, it alleges several charges that Anthem is in violation of, including copyright and trademark infringement, as well as tortious interference.

The suit stems from Anthem’s use of the Global Force Wrestling “Amped” series of shows that were taped in Las Vegas between July and October 2015. The series featured 16 hours of original content produced.

It was outlined in the suit that Anthem and Jarrett began talks in October 2016 regarding a potential merger between TNA and Global Force Wrestling, around the time Anthem was preparing to purchase a majority stake in Impact that would go through in January 2017.

Jarrett came on board with Anthem as a consultant in January 2017 and the two parties signed a term sheet in May. The term sheet outlined a process involving Anthem acquiring Global Force Wrestling with Jarrett becoming the Chief Creative Officer of the wrestling division. They allege that the term sheet stipulated that Global Force Entertainment would retain the rights to the “Amped” series. (Correction: In the suit, GFE stated in the term sheet that it owned the “Amped” content and that Anthem was proceeding to purchase GFE, the purchase was never completed.) They stated in the filing:

Even though Anthem Wrestling and GFE did not merge, and despite Anthem Wrestling’s acknowledgment of GFE’s ownership of all GFW Amped content, Defendants reproduced, distributed, publicly displayed, offered for sale, and sold the GFW Amped content without providing any compensation or royalties to GFE or Mr. Jarrett.

After a series of events involving Jarrett, who ended up going into rehab, he was dismissed by the company in October. It was later revealed that the merger never went through and that is where Jarrett contends that Global Force Entertainment control the rights to the “Amped” episodes that Anthem has continued to market.

The suit points out that the “Amped” series ran as a four-part pay-per-view in late 2017 and is available for purchase on DVD through the Shop Impact site. They also point to the similarities between their intellectual property and the Global Wrestling Network streaming service with a similar naming and color scheme.

Jarrett’s side has requested a jury trial and is seeking an award of punitive and/or treble damages for at least three times the amount of the defendant’s profits or Global Force Entertainment’s damages, whichever is greater.

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About a GWF


Make all the jokes you want…but Anthem is still the parent company being sued and if punitive damages are met with what Jarrett wants, we could lose a channel that broadcasts combat sports that other channels don’t carry or would care to air.

Oddly enough, there’s a free Impact Wrestling Channel on Pluto TV. I’m not sure that the lawsuit will affect that channel, as all I’ve seen broadcast on it are old episodes of Impact, Xplosion, the weekly Wednesday shows, and PPV’s from 2011 to 2014.

We all knew buying TNA would likely be the downfall of Anthem, but I don’t think anyone saw it coming from this angle!

I never understood why they didn’t change the name off their streaming network after they release Jarrett. Not only that but they didn’t have a sign agreement to use thoses gfw events and appearance on impact on the network. That’s just a dumb move by anthem to not have secured the right to all thoses thing, but what else is new with them.

We don’t know the details from Anthem’s side of things. It could be a terrible oversight on their part, or they could just be keeping their mouths shut for now because that is what the lawyers have advised.

my first thought was offer Jarrett a 20 and call it even

To be fair to Jarrett, he always seems to come out of every situation smelling of roses. How many people screw Vince McMahon out of money and get in the Hall Of Fame? How many people get rehired by their old employer so they can basically plug his own company?

Prediction - Jarrett wins and Anthem is renamed to Planet Jarrett.