Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will call the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/04/05/jim-ross-and-jerry-lawler-will-call-the-andre-the-giant-memorial-battle-royal/

The WWE has announced that Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be calling the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the WrestleMania kickoff show, which begins at 5 pm Eastern on the WWE Network.

They have also announced that Beth Phoenix will be a guest commentator for the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, which will also be featured on the kickoff show.

Shawn Michaels will appear on the kickoff panel.

So I’m kinda scares for the cruiserweights now since with those 2 big announcements for both battle royal, I feel like the cruiserweight final might be the first match on the kickoff show and both battle royal will end up on the USA network portion of the kickoff show.

USA have their own kick off show? Had the network for years and I never missed a match on the Kickoff.

USA network simulcasts the second hour of the preshow. They’ve done that for all the wrestlemanias in the network era. That hour of the preshow isn’t Network or USA exclusive.

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Makes sense to have these legends call that match. No other match on Mania makes sense really.

Can’t stand Jerry Lawler at this point, if he has to call a match, I’d rather it be this throwaway one. JR still has something to offer though, shame he’s dragged down with Lawler.