Joe Pedicino passes away at the age of 70

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Joe Pedicino, who was an instrumental figure in the ‘80s and early ‘90s when it came to promotion and distribution, died last week at the age of 70.

When it comes to getting various presentations of professional wrestling in front of viewers, Pedicino helped serve as that bridge during the height of wrestling’s syndication model.

Pedicino worked in radio at a young age and was working in the sales department at WATL channel 36 in Atlanta when he pitched the idea of a block of wrestling programming. This was the concept that led to Superstars of Wrestling, also referred to as the ‘Pedicino Block’.

The block of programming premiered in May 1986 across various wrestling promotions, filling up a seven-hour slot from 8 pm until 3 am. Over the years, it included various NWA-affiliated groups, Continental Wrestling Association, Georgia Championship Wrestling, Mid-South, World Class Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Council out of Puerto Rico, various Japanese groups and even featured WWF footage and content for a time.

Pedicino served as co-host of the block alongside Gordon Solie and it was also where Pedicino would meet future wife Boni Blackstone, who also came on board as a host.

It grew beyond the Atlanta market into a syndicated package in many markets across the country.

Pedicino was also behind the syndicated This Week in Pro Wrestling magazine-style show that covered news and aired highlights sent in from different promotions that ran for over a year in 1987-88.

In later years, he got involved with promotion with the ill-fated Georgia All-Star Wrestling in 1989 and more famously with the launch of the Global Wrestling Federation out of Dallas in 1991. The GWF would get onto ESPN and featured talent such as Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman, Mick Foley, Scott Levy, John Layfield, Harlem Heat, and a young Marcus Alexander Bagwell before they made bigger names for themselves with other national companies.

Pedicino only remained in the GWF until 1992. He was involved with the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association before moving away from the industry.

He involved himself in the operations of various radio stations as well as a management consultant with a plethora of major broadcasting companies. In 2007, he bought a country music radio station in Griffin, Georgia and expanded it outside of the city.

In June 2019, Pedicino suffered a stroke and passed away on April 12th.

We send our condolences to the family and friends of Joe Pedicino.