Joey Janela reveals results of MRI following knee injury

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Joey Janela posted an update on the status of his knee injury on Wednesday.

Janela wrestled Psicosis last Friday at the Game Changer Wrestling event in Asbury Park, New Jersey and executed a high cross to the floor. Upon landing the dive, Janela was immediately favoring his left knee and he noted he simply came down wrong on the leg.

Janela recently had an MRI on the knee and the following were the list of injuries he sustained to the knee:
-Complete or near complete PCL tear
-A complete tear of the MCL distally
-Impaction fracture of the medial femoral condyle
-Mild bone contusion of the lateral tibial plateau
-Sprain of the fibular collateral ligament
-Partial tear of the medial patellofemoral ligament
-ACL sprain
-Small knee effusion

Janela stated that he will need surgery and expects to be out “for a long while” and pegged it as anywhere from 6-10 months.

Janela has broken out as one of the top independent talents over the past two years. He has become the top star with Game Changer Wrestling, who have promoted “Joey Janela’s Spring Break” over the past two WrestleMania weekends with the show becoming one of the biggest of the year. This past year featured Janela wrestling the Great Sasuke in the main event of the show. The promotion has generated a lot of buzz for their unique marketing concepts using animated videos and drawing upon nostalgia from the 90’s and early 2000’s for their shows.

Janela has also become a regular at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and was part of the
“All In” event earlier this month where he wrestled Hangman Page.

Awful news for Joey. His eventual comeback, whether as a surprise or announced in advance, is going to be huge though.

Weird thing about wrestling injuries is that they can strike anywhere. All the insane highspots he’s been involved in yet it’s a simple plancha that puts him on the shelf.

That’s an amazing amount of injuries. He was having a hell of a year as well. Hope he fully recovers soon.

just goes to show that its not the crazy shit that can get you sometimes but a simple cross body to the floor and landing just slightly wrong. Amazing the amount of injury he sustained from that one move though. He will be insanely popular when he returns though. And if I were New Japan or ROH, I’d be looking to snatch him up for a return debut on their roster.

That’s a hell lot of damage to the knee, get well soon Joey.