John Pollock Appreciation Thread!

I know it’s completely unnecessary but I didn’t want this buried on page 12 of a UFC thread.

As we all know @johnpollock is an incredible journalist who goes above and beyond in both his reporting and his engagement with fans who is universally respected.

As most know John bravely and appropriately called out and asked Dana about the Sean Strickland comments and where a line would be drawn by UFC on what their fighters are allowed to say.

Instead of answering the question, Dana instead just kept repeating the word “leash” like an uneducated moron. Hardly surprising for a wife beating scumbag but that’s the world we live in I guess.

It’s very disheartening to see some people actually siding with Dana against the “leftist reporter” when in reality John is one the few asking hard questions here. What Strickland said is disgusting and would have most of us fired from our jobs. Expect our bosses aren’t Dana White.

Reporters shouldn’t be influencers asking “You had an 8 million dollar gate, how amazing are you” hoping for more exclusive interviews or a TikTok shout out They are reporters. Not marks. But most don’t act like it. (I’m looking at you Hausman).

Instead, here is a real reporter asking real questions and doing his job with integrity. My wife still sahs out of all the podcasts I did a few years ago she loved the John and Wai ones for how professional and smart they are. I said it’s bc they are fellow Canadians :joy:

John - from me and I’m sure many more - thank you for everything you do and continue to do and please don’t change on account of this idiot Dana.


There should be a thread on who is the bigger douchebag - Vince McMahon or Dana White. :joy:


As I said elsewhere… every major sports team has an entire PR department to ensure the athletes don’t negatively impact the brand and if this was the NFL the athlete would be fined and suspended for the comments made earlier this week.

That being said I respect John asking a question that needed to be ask, to be a voice for the voiceless.

I understand and respect freedom of speech but at a UFC conference saying the things he said is sad and doesn’t make me want to support the product. The way Dana targeted the word “leash” made me want to support the product even less.

I also have an issue with John exercising his freedom of speech and Dana acting as if John’s words were beneath him.

Anyhow… John is the best and I’m glad to have his work in my life because it’s made it significantly better. (Wai too…)

Johns question was nothing special, or especially challenging at all but to see Dana pissed made my day. The mans awful and getting so stressed over ‘on a leash’ is pathetic. Its a common saying and literally means controlling your staff.

This ‘woke’ nonsense is just out of control and it seems way more so in the US. There’s nothing woke about asking why someones allowed to call a journalist a disease and questioning his man-hood for asking a question.

I do love that John and Wai steer away from rumour and gossip and just report on news. Others could learn from them in the wrestling world and journalism in general.

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John is the man. Nothing wrong with his question or Dana’s answer. What’s wrong is social media trolls trying to frame it as some sort of victory for “free speech”.

It was a typical interaction between a reporter and a company head. The trolls with no lives will now move onto something else

I’ll pull the ‘chute on the Pollock knob-gobbling brigade and point out that, as a whole, I still believe Post Wrestling is among the best bang-for-your-buck investments on Patreon. For most creators it’s like, “subscribe on Patreon and receive exclusive viewing of my new YouTube videos for 24 hours before they go live” and that’s pretty much it. Post gives SO much awesome bonus content, from Rewind-A-Wai to the mail bags, to the incredible written pieces John composes seemingly out of nowhere at times, and even goes so far as to record audio versions of for plebs like me who don’t feel like reading. Just a wonderful service overall where I never have to question if I’m getting my $8 worth every month.