John Pollock fucked my water heater

I heard the podcast where his went out and was thinking how bad it’d be if mine went out. Next morning I woke up and turned on the hot water…NOTHING. I checked the garage and there wasn’t any water damage, but when I popped up the panel I noticed steam coming from the circuitry.

Plumber came through…plumber replaced that water heater. Bank account cried. I guess I potentially avoided the possibility of a garage fire as while it may have taken a few days it could have happened

John, don’t speak about your problems as my house heard you :cold_face:

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Mine blew years ago, and instead of buying a brand new one and getting it installed, I found a company that rents them, installed for free immediately, and took the old one away.

I’m sure over the years I’ve paid / will pay more than the value of a hot water tank… But I’ll take the peace of mind and ease for $10 a month.

The Pollock Curse? The Pollock Plague? The Pestilence of Pollock?

Whatever alliterative term you prefer, just wait until you hear what happened to his sewage pump.

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