JONAH (Bronson Reed) signed 3-year extension with WWE before his release

Originally published at Bronson Reed signed 3-year extension with WWE before his release

JONAH inked a new deal with WWE earlier this year.

In early August, the former NXT North American Champion JONAH, formerly known as ‘Bronson Reed’ confirmed the news that he had been cut from WWE. Just several weeks prior to his release, JONAH was competing on the NXT TV program in a singles match against Adam Cole. He was making his way back onto TV after losing the North American Title to Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott.

Since departing the sports-entertainment company, JONAH launched his own YouTube channel/podcast and has openly spoken about some of his aspirations now that he’s a free agent. He spoke to Chris Van Vliet and shared that earlier this year, he signed a three-year extension with WWE.

I started at the start of 2019 on a 3 year deal. Only at the start of this year I signed a new 3 year deal. I was blindsided that halfway through the year that I was released. Also with where I was placed in the card and how I was utilized, I didn’t think it was coming.

He became North American Champion in May. He detailed the lead-up to that title win and recalled Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque telling him that eventually, he was going to win the title.

Before winning the North American Championship I was doing well. Luckily for me, Hunter sort of had his eye on me, and then in his mind it was, ‘Hey, we want to make you one of our top guys on our show.’ He had that discussion with me that I was going to eventually become the North American Champion. Then they had more things planned for me towards the end of the year, which are not happening anymore. But in the wrestling business, things chop and change so much. Even though I was told things numerous times, I always thought well let’s wait and see. Even winning the North American Championship, I was like I will wait until it actually happens. But Hunter saw something in me, which I appreciated. But when I became the North American Champion, I was a made man. Becoming that sort of champion, I think that people notice it.

He reiterated that he has been in contact with some of the ‘major’ promotions and independent promoters have been reaching out to him but he cannot engage in setting dates just yet because of immigration hurdles.

It’s crazy to think that for an aspiring performer in the WWE winning a first championship is something talent can’t really celebrate or feel a sense of security. In the case of Bronson, what should have been a huge sense of relief to have finally made champion status or as he said “made man”, really resulted in a blindside release. I can’t imagine the anxiety that must be with those performers daily after the series of cuts - especially when your spot on the card or recent title win/promotion don’t actually provide any added security.

And then Vince proved that nothing on NXT matters because he took one look at the guy, didn’t like him and fired his ass.