Jonathan Fatu a.k.a. Jimmy Uso arrested early Thursday morning

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On Thursday morning, WWE performer Jonathan Fatu a.k.a. Jimmy Uso was arrested in Pensacola, Florida and is facing a DUI charge.

TMZ reported that the wrestler was driving erratically and swerving on the road when he was pulled over. Fatu was said to have “reeked of alcohol” and refused to be tested and was subsequently arrested and faces a DUI charge along with a speeding citation.

The site added that he was booked at 3:04 am and his bond was set at $1,000. has reported he has been released from the Escambia County Corrections Center.

This is the third time Fatu has been arrested for DUI with prior incidents in 2011 and 2013.

The timing could not be more embarrassing given that The Usos were the subject of a punchline from John Cena this past Monday on Raw as he referenced their mugshots from previous arrests.

Fatu was arrested this past February in Detroit for an altercation with police. Fatu was in the passenger’s side of the car with his wife Trinity. Fatu exited the vehicle and confronted the officers and was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice. Fatu later reached a plea agreement and pleaded no contest to interfering with a government official and paid a fine.

Makes the John a cena rap that much funnier.

I like the Usos (although on Raw they’ve been quite obnoxious since the shake up) but drink driving isn’t a joke. Jeff Hardy being publicly drunk wasn’t a massive issue in my opinion but this is. Don’t they do driving bans in the US?

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Drink driving is no laughing matter, you could spill some going round a corner.

It’s funny when it’s the WWE because they joke about it. If they don’t take it seriously why should we ?

We know Jimmy has an alcohol problem. Let’s have fun with it

It’s kind of weird how in today’s society the public takes drunk driving less seriously than they would a controversial social media post.

Endanger lives, and it’s all laughs. But, don’t you dare call out Will Ospreay!


They joked about it at Raw Reunion. It got a good pop. No one cares anymore.

All the big names have done it.

Chris Daniels
Eddie G
Jeff Hardy

And tons more

It’s always been used as a joke. Even in storylines. Lots of times wrestlers have done like cena and cut a joke on DUI

It is what it is. WWE doesn’t care. Fans pop for jokes and drink their beer. Its low rent entertainment with low brow fans. These aren’t doctors and dentists attending shows. Half the fans probably commit a DUI on the way home. The last show as a goddam beer bash at the end

What do you want?

It’s just this line and then telling us all of shit you bought tickets to. Get a new schtick.

Yeah I’m not saying I’m above this man. You see a typical wrestling crowd. Does it look like a bunch of doctors and business people to you? It is what it is. It’s low brow entertainment. The storylines are written for dumb people to enjoy basically. It’s not complex stuff.

It’s the same crowd that likes Springer and Monster trucks.

So you can’t expect an uproar about DUI when a lot of those same fans love to drink and the company itself laughs about it in their own storylines

Not even his first DUI…for fucks sakes, get a cab or an Uber…it should be common sense.

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They would be the Usos and have rap material then for cena to make fun of. Need to keep providing the material

If he keeps this up, he might end up in a penitentiary of some sort.


This guy needs to be suspended immediately. I don’t get offended by much, but I was a little taken aback by the joke on the raw reunion show. Enough is enough with this guy. Something needs to be done before he kills himself or somebody else. I would expect a suspension at this point. I don’t think this is something WWE can ignore anymore.

Do you have the superpower to know someone’s job just by looking at the person ? I know I can’t do that. Some very clever people like low brow entertainment because sometimes they want/need to unplug their brain.