Just had a horrible idea

With NXT now being billed as an equal, third brand, does this mean their matches will be on Wrestlemania; further bloating the insane runtime of the event?

It’s been confirmed that there will be a separate NXT TakeOver Wrestlemania weekend so I don’t think there will be a bunch of matches. But I can foresee more crossover than previous years battle Royales.

Whether it’s an NXT title or not hopefully WWE realizes not all 18 of their titles need to be defended on the show.

They’d probably put an NXT title match in a hour 5 death spot right after a suprise Austin beer bash.

Oh - but I am sure if all things are equal - at least one of NXT’s top acts eats a stunner, and maybe a mandible claw from Mick Foley, and then forced to play it off that they had a “WrestleMania moment”, and we’re happy to be included.

I can see that being where Matt riddle and Goldberg is paid off.