KEEP IT 2000: Ep. 28 – “Traffic Cone Enema” with Evan Susser (July 10, 2000)

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Screenwriter Evan Susser (Fist Fight) boards the Satellite of Hate with Brian Mann and Nate Milton for Booker T’s championship coronation. Since it can’t all be good news, Vince Russo returns and brings Kiwi with him.

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I’ve been waiting the beginning of Booker T’s title run but it sadly means we have to say goodbye to the Hogan Bump Challenge. Gone way too soon!

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Love that song.

I feel like the HBC ended right when it was picking up steam. The good thing is, you can alwys hop on YouTube or the network & play the home-version!

We’ve got to think of a new game for the rest of the season. :100:


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I think Russo may have secretly been the inventor of snapchat, just little 6 second snippets and on to the next thing.

Regarding Double J, he is best described as the coach’s son (apropos in this case with his pops connected to the business).

He’s like the 3rd best short stop on the team and like the 6th best pitcher on the squad, but as the coach’s son, he pitches half the games and plays short the other half.

A good player nonetheless, but really should be the right fielder.

Jarrett’s a perfectly fine B-Player.

I think you can occasionally make him your main guy, but there’s an expiration date on that. He’s not a guy like Flair or Sting or Booker (or even Hogan) that you can make your long-term top guy. :100:

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