Keith Lee 24 Documentary

I don’t usually watch these.

If they aired this in the parts on raw Keith Lee would be the number one baby face in the brand. Great story of sacrifice. Deals with race issues , coronavirus. Cuts babyface promos without realizing it. Just seems like a good dude.

Oh yea, and he’s awesome in the ring. Why don’t they use this amazing production they have and just show it on the network but also on their major shows.

I watched ring of of honor last week. What struck me was the character pieces really got me into the product. Would love for some changes on the mainstream product.

Unfortunately, dont see that happening anytime soon.

The same can be said for Liv’s. I miss Double Shot when these would get chatted about more. And if they used these instead of whatever they wind up doing to give characters depth it would be much more beneficial for all parties.


Yeah, I caught both Keith Lee’s 24 and Liv Forever last night. WWE’s documentary department in general (probably not a real department, but you know what I mean) do a fantastic job conveying the wrestlers’ stories, and that the wrestlers get to tell thrm.

Glad they’re willing to cover real world news in them too.