Kenny Omega defending AEW World Title against Christian Cage at All Out

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The second confirmed match for AEW All Out.

#1 ranked Christian Cage is getting his shot at the AEW World Championship at All Out on September 5th in Illinois. The match was formally announced at the beginning of the 8/11 edition of Dynamite as AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks made their way to the ring.

Weeks into Christian’s arrival in AEW, he had several run-ins with Omega and one of their segments concluded with Christian holding the AEW World Title.

#TheElite (@KennyOmegamanX & @youngbucks) have been flying high and take on the high-flying trios team of @MattSydal, @YOGASAULT, @lucha_angel1.

Tune in NOW to @tntdrama for #AEWDynamite LIVE!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) August 12, 2021

Christian has wrestled a total of nine matches since joining All Elite Wrestling. He picked up a win over The Blade at the Homecoming show.

Omega versus Christian for the AEW World Title joins the Women’s Casino Battle Royale on the announced All Out card.

I mean. Sure, I guess?

The title match on Friday kinda killed any anticipation for the AEW title match for the PPV, to be honest.

My only guess is that they’ll set-up some sort of gimmick match for the PPV between the two?

Tin foil mark hat, this match doesn’t happen.
They have a few weeks and can’t overshadow Hangman’s chase with Punks debut.
Show sold out with no Card.
What if Cage is taken out and Hangman is given the shot the week of. Who’s upset ? Also the pop/reaction for that would put the spotlight equally back on Page. Especially if it’s done week of because we operate in a day of news cycle.

Why would Hangman just be given a shot and not the #2 challenger, which is Darby? That would be incredibly stupid and they might as well just throw out their rankings if they did such a thing. Unless they had a battle royal or something and even then, it would be an incredibly lazy way to get Hangman back into the title match.

I feel like something is fishy about this situation and them having 2 matches announced between Omega/Christian, but I actually feel like Christian is going to win the Impact World Title and then maybe they’ll have title vs title at All Out. Maybe in a ladder match or something.

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Ladder Match is actually what I was thinking.
You get an instant gimmick to spice up what otherwise isn’t the most exciting of headliners (semi-main?).

Plus Omega gets to do a ladder match with one of the early innovators of the match type… If Omega wants to do every type of match, this is a nice opportunity.

I think Hangman gets his match in NYC or Full Gear.

When did Darby become 2nd contender? If that’s the case I stand corrected but Hangman never lost a singles match to slide back in the rankings has he?
The stipulation was he forfeited a shot if they lost the team match. But if he wasn’t even the top contender to begin with I see how the logic breaks down
I’m also not sure “incredibly lazy” is how I’d classify this 2 year story arc of Hangman and the match mostly everyone wants to see. The reaction to the announcement would be huge so lazy doesn’t seem like the adjective I’d use.

Christian gets laid out Friday and can’t compete at all out. Darby gets the shot instead. CM Punk costs Darby the match

Or how about this:

Omega vs. Christian still happens, but it’s the semi-main under another match (not sure what though).

Omega beats Christian.

Hangman comes out afterward to start the build to Full Gear.

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This is what I see happening.

Punk is the main event. Nothing will top the response he’s going to get that night.

Omega / Christian semi main. Hangman surprise return to lay out Omega and the Elite.

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Just read that Hangman is expected to take some time off ahead of the birth of his child; and that’s why he is not getting the match against Omega. Much like Cody and Moxley. Its actually refreshing to see a company treat the workers like humans with lives outside of the ring

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Happy for Hangman
Sad for Us
It’ll happen and we’ll rejoice eventually

I mean, I’d book a match between the two. But have the Elite interfere, cost Hangman the match, and injure him ( so he has time with his kid and wiife) this sets a nice cage match upon return

Page should be the one guy able to beat Omega. Him dropping the Impact title and then having a ladder match would just be lame. I think they do the match on Rampage and maybe Cage gets hurt and the match on the PPV is thrown out.

Then at All Out Omega brags on the mic about how he’s beat everyone, Punk comes out and he clears the ring to close the show.

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