Kevin Owens reveals he has nine months left on current WWE deal

Originally published at Kevin Owens reveals he has nine months left on current WWE deal

Owens said he cannot imagine never seeing some of the behind the scenes people again. 

Over the weekend, WWE hosted Friday Night SmackDown and their Backlash Premium Live Event from the LDLC Arena in Lyon, France. Kevin Owens was featured on both nights alongside Randy Orton as they battled The Bloodline. 

While in France, Owens spoke to Alistair McGeorge of Metro and revealed that he has nine months left on his current WWE deal. 

I really don’t take anything for granted, I’ve (got) nine months left on my contract, and I don’t know what can happen from here on out. 

That’s just life. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. I’ve learned that through some very unfortunate events. We’ve lost so many good people that was never expected. 

That’s just one example of how I do not take anything for granted, how I look at things now.

Owens added that WWE has been his home for a decade. Beyond the locker room, he’s become very close with people behind the scenes and cannot imagine never seeing them again. 

This has been my home for 10 years and it’s beyond the locker room. There’s some very, very, very special people that work behind the scenes that I’ve become very close with, and I really can’t imagine not seeing them as part of my life.

Owens and Orton took on Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa at Backlash. Owens had Tama pinned, but pulling the referee out of the ring was Tama’s brother and the other half of Guerrillas of Destiny, Tanga Loa. 

Now this is a guy I could see going to AEW and fitting right in if the money was right.

While there is nothing more that I would like to see than a reunited Young Bucks and Kevin, I have a hard time seeing him leaving WWE. But I agree, he would fit in amazingly well.

It’s hard to see him leaving the spot he’s currently in. But he turns 40 tomorrow (coincidentally), so if he sees this as his last “full-timer” contract, maybe he wants to go do something different. He’s in a good spot where both companies will pay him plenty. But there’s always the lingering fact that if TK wants to make a Godfather offer that the other won’t match, anything can happen.

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KO is constantly kinda pushing the envelope of what might be considered “acceptable” bumps by WWE standards. You just know he’s watching these AEW guys taking neck bumps from the apron through burning tables or whatever and thinking, “I could do that.” Feels like he might wanna take the BD/Edge approach and do it just to have a bunch of crazy matches with his friends before he’s too old to do it anymore.


This is all very true.
He’s got a real history and friendship with the Bucks (and others on the roster). I think seeing him doing a full on proper Kevin Steen run on a national stage, would be amazing.

I know I’ve been saying that with all of the contracts up this year in WWE, that not everybody will stay. So I feel strange arguing against that here.

But it is 2024, and we should know that anything is possible…

He probably should leave but HHH has always made him feel somewhat special. I’d guess he signs long term with WWE.

Lol MJF is such a troll. Great theme though

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Now I want to hear what Steen did to MJF when he was younger that he’s still mad about.

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KO is one of the best in the business and I have no doubt that wherever he goes, he’s going to do great. Both WWE or AEW will be lucky to have him.

My gut tells me that he stays in WWE as he’s got a very good spot in there right now, and he is the type of guy that I see Hunter breaking the bank for. With that said, if he wants fresh matchups and a lighter schedule, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him in AEW.