Killer Kross signing announced on WWE Backstage

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During Tuesday night’s edition of WWE Backstage, Ryan Satin announced that Kevin Kesar a.k.a. ‘Killer Kross’ has signed with WWE and also mentioned the signing of Timothy Thatcher that was reported on Tuesday.

In December 2019, it was announced that Kross had been released from his contract with Impact Wrestling after months of the two sides being at a stalemate.

Kesar, 34, has been wrestling since 2014 and had his first major role with AAA that began in March 2017 and would also be featured as The White Rabbit in Lucha Underground.

His big break came with Impact Wrestling, who ran numerous vignettes ahead of his debut in June 2018. As Killer Kross, he stood through his exceptional promo ability and great look. After serving as the muscle for Austin Aries, he would engage in a feud with Johnny Impact and later Eddie Edwards until things shut down between Kross and Impact.

Mike Johnson of adds that Kross is scheduled to be with NXT and that he has been in Orlando for the last several weeks.

The WWE has since posted a story noting that Kross and Thatcher have reported to the WWE Performance Center.

Per @ryansatin on #WWEBackstage, @WWE has signed two of the hottest free agents in sports entertainment, Timothy Thatcher and @realKILLERkross!

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) February 5, 2020

Awesome signing. He should be a massive star. I think he could easily succeed on the main roster, because of his look and his acting ability. Should be a no brainer

Yeah, but we have seen this exact scenario play out repeatedly… and are constantly surprised by how underwhelming the results are. See also: Nakamura, Zane, Bayley, Goldberg (the first run he had), Asuka, RVD, etc.

I still haven’t forgiven him for putting out that hit on Mascarita Sagrada.

IAS, he has a look and presentation that fits more in line with the Fed’s traditional vision of what a major talent should be, but even by that criteria the recent booking of Lashley and Stroman should be cautionary tales.

I don’t disagree at all but I think Kross has the talking ability and acting chops to make lame WWE dialogue work. He checks all the boxes - unlike a lot of those people that either can’t talk or aren’t big enough,

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Scarlett get called up to do a cuck angle ASAP

Is he the pay off to that teaser vignette NXT ran last week