King of Pro Wrestling LIVE Discussion

Hello (New Japan) World!

We got the A team on commentary - Kevin, Rocky, and Chris!

Chris already dropping google analytics stats on why Tama Tonga is so popular :sweat_smile:

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Shingo is newest member of LIJ.
I miss Hiromu

Shades of 1998 Sting imposters!!!
It’s Jericho!!
“Chris Jericho” has struck again!” - Kevin Kelly

He’s back, great return

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If Jericho has a 6 match deal which I’ve heard as the rumored number:

  1. Omega
  2. Naito
  3. Evil
  4. Naito

Do we want the final two to be Okada and Tanahashi OR now after this no contest - Zach Sabre Jr?!

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BC OGs with Jay White now?

I guess it’s not wrestling protocol for the face to want to join the bad guys and getting turned on, but I liked Okada willing to join up with bullet club to take down Gedo and White for Tama to gun stun him. I don’t think Okada looked like a fool

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That was some angle:

Okada comes to save Tanahashi from post match beatdown. Jado stops Omega from getting hands on Gedo. Out comes Bullet Club OGs and surrounds ring. Then enter ring and Fale holds Gedo for Omega to strike. Omega off the ropes and GUN STUN. White in the ring, throws up TOO SWEET - blade runner.

New Bullet Club:
BC OGs + White + Gedo and Jado

Tanahashi comes back into ring to check on Omega.

I think a potential Omega+Tanahashi vs White and Fale match would be money as a tag on Power Struggle.

I think this refreshes Bullet Club and ties in a lot from the G1.

Love Okada in gym shorts. Gimme that look more please!

Agree completely @EL84
Was almost like Okada is so blinded by hatred and vengeance that he was too trustful of untrustworthy guys. Well booked. Loved the moment when Tanahashi comes back in to check on his rival. As if to say, why did you do that.

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Great, unique 3way for my money. Favorite spot was when Omega held the refs arm from counting 3, a very good take on the classic pull the ref out of the ring. I enjoyed the story telling of Ibushi’s frustration and Kenny’s dilemma between staying champ and respecting Ibushi. Cody held his own and this was my favorite match he’s had in New Japan, mostly because he could rely on others and space out his big spots which felt more impactful in this setting.

If the story for the Dome is Kenny’s changing New Japan vs Tanahashi restoring the old way - then the last few Kenny matchups make more sense and I do appreciate the last several months of booking.

Great show! Lot to unpack on this one

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I went to the show.

Disclaimer: I don’t follow NJPW a whole lot.

Really great show. Enjoyed it immensely. Biggest pop of the night was probably Omega or Okada. The kids all LOVED Tanahashi. The guy is like a Japanese John Cena. Bucks didn’t get much opportunity being in a multi-man match.

Surprisingly Jericho didn’t get the huge reaction I thought he would have.

I speak barely a lick of Japanese but the stories throughout the match were logical and made sense. I was hugely impressed with how the 3 way went, when one guy was out of the ring it was for a reason. I read a lot of comments about Cody and how his work rate isn’t on the level of some top talent but tonight he more than held his own for me.

Will be following NJPW more in future. They made a new fan.

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I’m not sure how much he really is going to get over in Japan. I’m sure he’s really just being brought in to gain NJPW World subs from the international market. And I must say it’s been working since I’ve had a sub since his second match in Dominion.

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There was an audible Jericho chant on the broadcast, but could have been in my head also.

I loved this show. So much happened in a 4 hour block.

That LIJ vignette was awesome!!