King Of The Ring ‘94

As today is the 25th anniversary of KOTR ‘94, I just want to know…

How much do you weigh?


What an odd PPV event to look back at in retrospect with Jerry Lawler and Roddy Piper main eventing during the peak of the New Generation Era. Vince’s Steroid Trial fate had not yet been decided. Art Donovan was randomly on commentary. An unproven Diesel was given a world title shot. Jim Neidhart was playing a big role in some of the major storylines of the night. Mid-94 WWF was definitely bizarre!

Call the marines!!

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Full disclosure, I have remember fondly saving my pocket money and then going round the shops and buying WWE videos during this era, so I have fun nostalgic memories.

I rather enjoyed this event as they took The King Of The Ring Tournament seriously and I liked it was an 8 man instead of a 4 man tournament.

Granted it may have been because of a low attendance, but I liked the darker lighting.

It was refreshing that they used this event to build up Bret VS Owen for Summerslam instead of doing the Title match at this event. They heated up Owen even more and established Jim Neidheart into the storyline.

Granted Piper VS Lawlor isn’t a main event, considering the ending to Bret VS Diesel, could have they ended the show with that or Owen’s coronation?

Art Donovan should never have been on commentary but that was WWE’s fault.

But I did like the line where Randy Savage said to Gorilla Monsoon “Do you think Anvil saved Bret saw Owen Can win the championship” It fills in the blanks without hitting you over the head with it.

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Owen vs. 1-2-3 Kid is worth revisiting on this card.

This week’s Prichard Show is on King of The Ring '94. It’s worth a listen if you find this time period of WWE fascinating.