Kurt Angle teasing a return...

Yeah, really. See this tweet from earlier today (Saturday):


— Kurt Angle (@RealKurtAngle) March 6, 2021

Is this the big surprise for AEW’s PPV?

Maybe…or perhaps he’s trying to throw people off. Then you ask yourself “why would Kurt use misdirection like that?” And the answer is so that nobody will suspect who it really is. His son, Jason Jordan!!

Probably not, but it was fun

Ric Flair had to call Shawn to ask him if it was ok for him to wrestle in TNA. Kurt would have to call Baron Corbin, awkward.

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I think Kurt would be an underwhelming surprise.
That said, Omega / Angle would be an incredible match, especially if Kurt had a good amount of time to train and get into proper shape for it.

His last WWE run was a mess, aside from his mania tag with Rousey. Most of that is due to terrible booking.

If Kurt is coming in, it would be an awesome unannounced Dynamite surprise vs. the amount of hype for this one.

I don’t know, at times he looked like he could barely move in the ring. Add another couple years, I feel like fans will just end up being disappointed. Plus, guy needs to hang them up, his body is broken.


He shouldn’t be wrestling


I think that confirms the mystery guy isn’t Kurt. No chance AEW would want him to do a tease in this way


Not to mention this would be a huge disappointment. No one really thinks Kurt Angle is going to be a game changer


If Kurt gets himself in really great shape and works hard for 1 more match, I wouldnt mind a potential Omega/Angle match or another decent opponent for him, if he wants that one more big match, but I really hope this return is not him.

I’ll still be interested in how they use him, but I’ll be disappointed. I do think it is headed for disappointment though, because outside of Punk or Brock, I just dont see anyone available that they could really use at the moment.


I actually think it’s likely one of them Christian

The comment “hall of fame” worthy implies that it someone who isn’t in the HOF but should be. Both EandC have talked about it on their show about how Christian should be in the HOF and isn’t