Lars Sullivan

They aren’t FE him for being in gay pron before he joined.

They might have for his racist comments etc but they fined him instead

Dont you think she deserves a solo entry?
And, yes according to interviews from Triple H, that is the reason

I was never a big fan of hers. She was terrible in ring. I think it’s more than just the porn - sunny did porn and she’s in. I guess she deserves it based on who they have let in previous but why hold the prob agaisnt one and not the other ?

Sunny did porn after her induction. Apparently, she even is wearing the hall of fame ring

Lars could be fired. Bruce Prichard has mentioned in the past how they want to know if people did porn up front so they don’t have to deal with something coming up unexpectedly.

Honestly, there is a chance he can recover from this. The reason people are laughing and mocking him was he turned out to be a hypocrite. It’s a tale as old as time. Homophobe turns out to be gay or bi. The best thing he could do is come out publicly. Talk about the internet posts, talk about this and if he wants, maybe say that all this has made him frustrated and when he comes back, he will take it out on everyone or whatever.


They can’t retain him after making homophobic slurs, then sack the guy for engaging in homosexual activity, no matter how hypocritical.

P.s doing gay porn doesn’t mean he’s gay.

I don’t think anybody is suggesting they fire him for his sexuality.

However, when does the headaches this guy cause outweigh his apparent value. The racism. The homophobia. The personal issues that made him miss out on apparent big TV angles. The injuries. The porn.

And if WWE doesn’t look down on that sort of activity (gay porn), I wonder when AR Fox will finally get his try-out?


He’s a public performer who requires the crowd to accept him as a performer for him to provide value in the role - he has done multiple things to destroy that with the audience and therefore is almost unusable on TV. That’s very different than being punished for his a) views or b)orientation

It’s a shame that people who face real struggles deal with stigmas when a guy who has come out about his issues is found to have potentially brought those on by his own actions or lying to his employers and public who view him as a public performer. I don’t want to jump conclusions but it could have been a case where he may have brought on a lot of his anxiety because he was hiding these things that would hurt his career and reputation? Oppose to being genetically/chemically/biologically predisposed to such mental illnesses.

This is the number 1 defense and reason he should be released if they decide to go that way…and to further my feelings about his mental health - If he’s hiding stuff he was suppose to share up front, well it makes sense he would have a panic attack before debuting and having millions more people know him and potentially find this out and expose him.

I don’t want to downplay his struggles - because I and many I know have them. But I do get frustrated when somebody uses those struggles as a shield from criticism or repercussions from their actions because that furthers the stigma and makes it harder for others to be taken at face value when they have to get time off work to take care of themselves, or get medical attention.

It’s almost like boy who cried wolf - Guy comes out with MH because he’s got so much stress from hiding a double life or fear of being exposed and losing his spot on the roster instead of being honest about who he is and taking responsibility for his past. Then a real situation with Mauro happens and people wanna day Mauro should suck it up. Like there is an actual difference and many don’t seem to understand real MH vs self-induced stress or anxiety.


:point_up:I’m very nervous how this reads because I do nott want to seem insensitive. It’s a very serious matter to provide an opinion on for me and maybe in text it is harder to explain the difference between self-induced anxiety and stress compared to the biological kind somebody like Mauro (or myself) suffer from.

However I did want to weigh in on this because it is interesting human behavior case In the industry and I’ve seen similar cases play out adversely impacting people who have biological and chemical issues, not self induced situational ones.


I mean, it’s safe to say that none of us know what his emotional state is. And we can only assume that it’s a psychological issue, but that is only speculation.
But, the WWE has avoided adult performers in the past because of the image it creates towards shareholders and advertisers. Let’s not pretend they have some sort of moral conscience. This guy could end up costing them money. If he does, he is gone

We should be nice to Lars Sullivan because he has anxiety or other psychological/emotional issues. People, even those in the public eye, shouldn’t be required to declare that they have anxiety or other psychological/emotional issues. Maybe we should just be nice to everyone?



And even before this, his value wasn’t very high IMO.

You’re being extremely naive if you think people are making fun of him because he’s a hypocrite. They’d be doing it regardless.

Yeah, it’s a cruel world. I don’t think the audience cared much at all when he was on TV. That being said, even if they don’t bring him back as an in ring talent they need to make sure mentally the guy is getting whatever help he needs, like him or not.

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