Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan adult film history been exposed online and include gay porn. So the man who was fined for historic homophobic comments - was in fact in gay porn.

Is there any way back for this guy now? WWE currently have a way of hoping everything goes away - surely this is different and you terminate his contract?

There shouldn’t be any interest from AEW either - so just get rid.

We’ll wait a second,
He shouldn’t be terminated just for being involved in gay porn. Let’s not discriminate against somebodies past.

However if he did t disclose his past and was required to - grounds for termination.

For a public (fan) perspective, they shoulda terminated the guy for his comments and actually now that he’s proven to be full of hypocrisy or at the very least a confusing, non sympathetic figure they can’t really use him and expect fans to have any good feeling about him on their product. So yes get rid of him.

To clarify - I dont mean terminate him for being in the films.

It’s the combination. The homophobic comments last time shouldn’t have resulted in a fine. And now it turns out hes hypocritical too.

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So someone being hypocritical when they were young should be punishable by banishment?

Obviously this guy was dealing with alot of personal issues and like alot of famous examples of gay bashers being caught with the same sex…is harbouring something that caused his resentment on a stupid bodybuilding forum when he was a barely a young man.

But he said mean things on the internet…ostracize him and mock him to death…and judging on recent struggle with anxiety…could very well happen.

Well he made racist and homophobic comments. He doesn’t get a pass on that.

They gay porno thing is not relevant - hes feee to do whatever he wants. It’s slightly odd given his comments but it should have no bearing on anything.

So it shouldn’t lessen the effect of what he said

Like most WWE decisions, I think it’s more about how the talent feel about it, if HHH/Vince think he’s worth keeping under contract, and if this will blow up any more. Was he any good in the ring? His monster squash machine gimmick bored me.

Everyone has made racist and homophobic comments when they were younger…just play an online game and find out for yourself.

It’s funny how people can’t fathom a person growing and changing their views after leaving a small town and joining the rest of the of the world.

Nope, he said something bad on a message board…nobody ever does that…break out the rope…it’s mob justice time.

You can mistakes and recover from it. And not everyone has made racist and homophobic comments.

However to expect it to be washed away saying “boys will be boys” is the whole reason we have come far with the #MeToo and all that. That attitude is wrong. It’s never okay.

He can apologize and show remorse and recover. No one is asking for a lifetime
Ban. But to expect to brush it away like nothing is why we now need to be so hyper vigilant about it as a society


Remember that stance when the dude kills himself because he has anxiety disorder.

Anxiety prevents remorse and apologies? Not everyone has said (certainly not in writing) racist and homophobic remarks in their youth. That simply isn’t true at all.


I’ll agree in part - the WWE need to play it carefully. He has anxiety and it be a PR disaster if they fire him and he takes his own life.

However - that isnt a free pass to be a homophobic hypocrite.

My point initially was - where is the value in keeping this guy? I didnt rate him in NXT. Then we were lead to be believe there was loads of promise on the main roster - and his debut was delayed (admittedly not his fault)

Then it turns out he was homophobic. But WWE gave him a fine instead of firing him.

Now this. Just feels like theres very little upside to him

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Lars should get the help he needs. Staying off social media completely is a good start, which it looks like he will. However, if Lars does anything to himself, that’s his own decision and Internet comments are not to blame.

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He apologized for his remarks on a message board when he was young and dumb.

You can pretend he didn’t mean it, because that’s the mentality of the internet…crucify people we don’t know personally and make assumptions about situations we weren’t there for.

I sincerely hope he’s getting the help he needs (if he needs it at all… :man_shrugging:t4: I dont know the guy) and is at a point where he can be comfortable about who he is.
In saying that, no. He shouldnt “get a pass” for his past behavior, and hand waving it as “oh well he was young” or “boys will be boys” is the biggest cop out of all.
Professionally and in life, if I’m caught saying or doing the wrong thing I expect to be punished for it, I dont care if it was this morning or 10 years ago, if I was being an asshole, i take responsiblity for it and accept the consequences. Thats a pretty basic life lesson.
And let’s not act like it was an off handed comment that slipped out in the heat of the moment, dont get me wrong, that would also be bad, this guy however thought about what he was saying, had time to write it out, and still put it out there for the world to see.
If hes genuinely remorseful for his past behaviour, that’s fantastic and should be commended. I hope he is moving on to be a better person. But he doesn’t get a “bye” now just because he’s sorry. Being sorry/remorseful should be a starting block to showing yourself and everyone else that your taking steps to being better than you were. Which I really hope he is now.

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I like that people on twitter are saying that this being treated as big news is because he’s a hypocrite. I’m sure no one would’ve said anything if he didn’t make homophobic comments in the past… :joy: Majority of the comments on it are people just making gay jokes and reality is people in general (not just WWE) probably feel that this is more of an issue for them, or a reason to have a go at him, than his comments from the past.

Does anyone actually like this guy in the ring?


He’s a good monster type that WWE likes

I can see him getting future endeavored for the pornography. That is the sole reason Chyna isn’t in the HoF. The fact that its gay porn is irrelevant. And, yeah, the level of self loathing he has dealt with… I really hope he can find happiness

She is in HOF. She was indicted with DX

The sole reason?