Latest episode of NWA Powerrr

It seems like NWA Power this week will be a highlight show and it didn’t address the elephant in the room.

Completely skippable.

Seems like a smart move for them, let the room breathe a bit and things to settle down. Hopefully we can just get back to talking about the wrasslin!

I didn’t mind it, we saw some real footage on Thunder Rosa, which will make it hard for her to maintain a heel persona, but I enjoyed learning about her and where she came from.

The match with ‘The Question Mark’ who is remarkably over against one of the Dawsons was a bit of a throwaway match, didn’t like the Shakespeare at the end though and I am not sure why they feel that he and Aron Stevens fit well together or how they will pay it off but meh it is a bit on the comedy side.

Eli Drake’s promo was solid…

We didn’t see a lot of story but we got some story advancement and character building which I think was needed, especially for the women.