Lawsuit filed in December 2022 over mask design used by AEW's Luchasaurus

Originally published at Lawsuit filed in December 2022 over mask design used by AEW's Luchasaurus

The suit was filed late last year. 

In December 2022, a lawsuit was filed over the mask design used by AEW’s Luchasaurus. Per court documents (via Wrestlenomics), Composite Effects, LLC made a legal complaint on December 20th against AEW and Austin Matelson a.k.a Luchasaurus. 

They are claiming that Matelson and AEW are using a copyrighted mask design for merchandising purposes without permission from the designer. The designer stated that Composite Effects, LLC owns licensing and design rights for all of their characters. 

Matelson was given permission to use the mask as a wrestler, but he nor anyone on his behalf was granted access to create merchandise based around the mask design, per the plaintiff. Matelson worked with Composite Effects around 2016 to have the mask made. It was altered in 2019 to add horns to it. 

The lawsuit shows that when Luchasaurus signed with AEW, Composite Effects attempted to secure a licensing agreement with him. In early 2021, Composite and AEW began discussing ideas for a new mask which AEW purchased the rights to and was shipped in 2021 but per the plaintiff, the mask was not used much. 

Composite notes that they wrote messages to AEW and Matelson in 2022 and wanted them to stop using the design or they could reach a licensing agreement. No deal was made and the design continued to be used on merchandise. 

The company is seeking profits from AEW that they have earned from the design in addition to attorneys’ fees and other damages sustained throughout this process.