LIVE REPORT: Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 48 feat. Michael Oku vs. Ren Narita

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Event: Revolution Pro Live at the Cockpit 48

Venue: The Cockpit Theatre, London

Submitted by: Steve Harris

Rob Lias over JJ Gale
Contender Gale showed a lot of fire and took the fight to Lias before Lias introduced a new submission to tap Gale out. Lias then got a house brick and threatened to attack Gale. TK Cooper disarmed Lias and knocked him out with the brick. Cooper then challenged the comatose Lias to a No DQ match in January.

Southside Speedking Championship
Ricky Knight Jr over Senza Volto and Darius Lockhart to retain

The latest Southside title to be introduced before it’s unified with the British Cruiserweight title at a later date. There were approximately 10,000 chops delivered in this contest as well as some innovative three-way moves. Knight pinned Lockhart following a tombstone piledriver.

Gisele Shaw over Bobbi Tyler
Another great showing from Shaw and Tyler has noticeably improved following her tours of Japan with Stardom. Shaw used her brutal arm breaker to submit Shaw and set her sights on Zoe Lucas, the Women’s Champion.

Six-Man Tag
The Legion (Rampage Brown, Great O’Kharn and Sha Samuels) v Dan Moloney and Kings of the North (Damien Corvin and Bonesaw) no contest.
This was an exciting war between 6 big guys, after a dive onto the outside by Corvin Samuels hit a moonsault on the other five participants on the floor. Brown and O’Kharn fought to the back with the Kings of the North, and Moloney squared off with Samuels until the match fell apart and Samuels started vomiting on the canvas. The match was stopped immediately and Samuels helped to the back. There was no obvious spot that I noticed that would have rocked Samuels but this was a grim situation and he seemed in a bad way.

Apparently the tag champs and challengers fought through the interval as they returned to ringside still fighting after the break. The Legion was assisted by the masked man that helped them win the titles last month until the troop of referees herded them away.

Moonlight Express (Speedball Mike Bailey and Mao) over Mad Kurt Chapman and Dan Magee
A great match with a lot of comedy that was really well received in this setting. Chapman’s ‘Mad Kurt’ character has been a big success so far, but he was pinned following a fidget spinner. After the match, Pretty Deadly made their way to the ring and challenged Moonlight Express to a contest at Uprising in two weeks. Chapman was unhappy and was double superkicked for his trouble.

Shooter Umino over Carlos Romo
Great showcase for Umino who pinned Romo after a double underhook ddt. Romo almost had Umino out with a front face lock but Umino made the ropes each time. Romo refused a handshake after the bell before Hikuleo jumped Umino ahead of their Uprising match. Kyle Fletcher, Hikuleo’s scheduled opponent made the save and we were set for the next match.

Hikuleo over Kyle Fletcher
Hikuleo feigned a knee injury and attacked Fletcher from behind to gain the advantage. Hikuleo dominated Fletcher till the Australian came back with a dive on the outside and a brainbuster that looked like it had killed Hikuleo and that everybody bought as the finish. After a ref bump Fletcher got a visionary pinfall, Hikuleo tried to roll him up using the tights, before hitting a low blow and a flat liner to score the pin.

Michael Oku over Ren Narita
A slow burner, with chain wrestling and chop exchanges before they moved through the gears. Narita seemed to enjoy being the bigger guy for a change and Oku was an excellent underdog as always. They exchanged submission holds and Oku kicked out of Narita’s beautiful bridging German suplex before cinching in the half crab for the submission win. Oku vowed to beat PAC at Uprising to a half-empty theatre as this show had overrun by some distance.

I remember seeing Gisele Shaw in my city’s local indie every month. Happy to see her making huge waves in UK