Logan Paul thought he might break his legs doing Frog Splash through table at WWE SummerSlam

Originally published at Logan Paul thought he might break his legs doing Frog Splash through table at WWE SummerSlam

At SummerSlam, Logan Paul hit the 2-0 mark in WWE.

On the 2022 SummerSlam card, Logan Paul had his second match for WWE when he took on The Miz in singles competition.

Logan scored the win and coming out of SummerSlam, Paul announced that he and WWE reached a multi-event deal for his contract. On the latest episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan reflected on his experience at SummerSlam. He recounted doing the Frog Splash onto Miz through the announce table and said one of the stunt people at WWE told him he might break both of his legs because of how he was planning to execute the move.

Paul shared that as he stood atop the ring post, the thought of his in-ring career being over if things went left did cross his mind.

Paul: Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to make it out of that without a broken arm or leg, I swear to God . That table jump, the first time I practiced it, the stunt guy goes, ‘You are going to break both femurs…’ well because I landed too close and dude, you know what’s funny? If you guys haven’t seen the clip, I’ve littered my Instagram with it. I’m amused — I don’t know if I can say this — I’m amused by watching me do the WWE. I cannot believe it’s me, do you know what I’m saying?

When I was jumping off of that pylon onto the table, I had one thought before I made the final leap, I swear to God. I’m looking around at this stadium and I’m like, this is it. This is a moment that can make or break a career. Is this what he can do? What is he capable of? And I go, my life’s been going so good. I did great in WrestleMania. I’m gonna jump and break both my femurs right now. I go, this is the end of my career, f*ck it and then just f*cking nailed it . I couldn’t believe it bro!

He went on to heap praise onto The Miz. Logan expressed that he understands it may not always be easy for a veteran to let the new person shine and credited Miz for doing that.

Paul added that Miz does what it takes to make the entire company great, described him as a team player and said he loves Miz for that.

Paul: I gotta give a shoutout to Mike ‘The Miz’, my opponent and at one point, mentor, who I did beat last night . But, he allows me to shine and he’s not afraid to and a lot of vets, for the new guy, I can’t imagine that’s always easy. He understands what it takes to make the organization great. He’s a team player and I love Mike ‘The Miz’ for that.

As the conversation with Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque was taking place, he was asked for his initial thoughts when he found out Logan had interest in WWE.

Levesque admitted that he did not know who Logan was, but once he became more familiar with him and saw how serious he took the preparation for his performances, he grew to respect Logan.

Levesque: Want me to be completely honest? I said, ‘Who the f*ck is that?’ Yeah, ‘Who?…’ It’s funny because sometimes people talk about our business go like, ‘I watched a little bit when I was a kid.’ That means, ‘I never watched’ and they don’t wanna offend me or something like that. Yeah, that’s not for everybody. When they first said it, Kristin Prouty walked in, talked all about it and I’m like, ‘I don’t know who that is.’ I had no idea and then they told me and then I started looking at it and I was like, ‘Holy sh*t. These dudes are massive,’ right? And I have kids and they’re watching all this stuff and now it’s on your radar so now you’re starting to hear people talk about it where if I would have heard people talk about it before, I wouldn’t have ever paid attention to it. Now you start paying attention to it, you’re like, this thing is huge. We gotta get with this guy and even then, I can tell you over the years, a million celebrities have come up to us and said, ‘I wanna be a WWE superstar. I wanna do it so bad.’ That all sounds great on paper. First time they hit the mat, they’re like, ‘Yeah, so I was thinking maybe I could help with commentary or I could do something else because that sh*t hurts.’ It’s a lot of that and they just don’t get it but then when they do, it’s a different story. Then there are certain folks that come into it that are just invested in it and that’s when I light up, right? If somebody comes into it and they just wanna hook their wagon to it for a minute or they wanna promote a film, that’s exciting. But when somebody comes in like you and goes, this is awesome. I’d like to be a part of this and then when they come in and they kill it, you see that level of — because, you know, to do what you did, it’s like Bad Bunny, same thing, and I don’t give this easy because I’ve done this for a long time and put my life on the line for it and seen other people do the same. Respect in our business for what we do is tough to get and I don’t give it easy, Taker doesn’t give it easy. The people at the top are like, you gotta earn it and there’s a lot to learn. You earned my respect, big time. Bad Bunny earned my respect big time because to do what you did, you had to dedicate yourself 100 percent.

The first official Monday Night Raw under Levesque’s regime took place on August 1st. To hear POST Wrestling’s recap of the show, head over to this link.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit the ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

Just started watching this; first few minutes where he discusses blacking out while performing. Fantastic stuff. This is the kind of stuff more and more talent should be doing. Humanizing what it is like. Logan and McAfee have done a fantastic job of that. Hearing these non-wrestlers talk about the process of performing as a wrestler is some of the most insightful commentary about Wrestling I’ve heard in a long time.

The two of them are the best bets for WWE being mainstream since they brought in Ronda (had Brock fresh) and had the Rock still doing stuff in 2018 and it landed them Fox on Fridays. They found some great influencers and ambassadors and I think they should keep pushing that dial. The podcast already has 154k views. Figure 60-70% of those viewers do not watch WWE regularly. Plus w/ Pat, he’s going to be doing even more video content for Fan Duel so his visibility is going up still. I’m very bullish on this strategy as long as the people they bring in can go. So far these two go harder and better than say Ronda, or [insert 50 year old talent] here.

EDIT: Highest of recommendation to seek this out and watch. Logan is going to be huge w/ WWE if they continue to work together. Not even a Logan fan, but undeniable charisma and desire to be massive. Track record speaks for itself. WWE made a great move bringing him in.