Luigi Primo reflects on his AEW appearance, would like to wrestle Ethan Page

Originally published at Luigi Primo reflects on his AEW appearance, would like to wrestle Ethan Page

Luigi Primo chats his AEW debut.

A clip went viral on social media of independent wrestler Luigi Primo spinning a pizza in the ring as he does during his matches. That buzz led to him appearing in a backstage segment during the September 14th episode of AEW Dynamite.

Luigi was welcomed onto Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray and Mark Henry and he shared that after the clip went viral, AEW President Tony Khan reached out to him and that was followed up by Q.T. Marshall messaging him so he could come to the show.

It’s been overwhelming . Last Monday, the meme hit and so I’m on social media just trying to push it further and further. So I’m just goofing around. ‘I’m gonna go to all you can eat wrestling, pepperoni-Khan.’ Just being an idiot on the internet and I guess people actually started tweeting that stuff at the company. So a second later, I get a message, Tony Khan, ‘I like your pizza.’ It’s like, ‘Hey! How are you doing? Thanks for messaging me’ and I gave him my number and then before I know it, Q.T. Marshall, he messages me and I’m in New York the next day.

Luigi’s backstage segment was wrapped up by Ethan Page who gave Primo a boot to the face. Luigi was asked if he could have a match this coming Wednesday at Grand Slam, he would like to face Page and give him a pizza he’s never seen before.

Let’s see, I think I would like to wrestle Ethan Page just so I could get back on him. He’s a bigger guy. I know it’s gonna be tough but he took me lightly. He came in and kicked me in the face. I’m not as big as a lot of those guys, as most of those guys actually. But nobody can beat my heart. He’s gonna look into my eyes and he’s gonna see a pizza he’s never seen before.

I thought Danhausen would’ve possibly got one over on him but I don’t know if he was out of sorts or what but Ethan Page, he put him away pretty quick. So I think it’s time for me to get a shot at him.

Ethan Page was in action on the 9/16 AEW Rampage and picked up a win over Danhausen. Page’s colleague in ‘The Firm’ stable, Stokely Hathaway, stated that Page has his sights on the All-Atlantic Championship which is in PAC’s possession.

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