Luis Ángel Salazar a.k.a. "Principe Aereo" passes away following match

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Tragedy struck Saturday night when wrestler Principe Aereo (Luis Ángel Salazar) died following a match in Mexico City at Arena San Juan Pantitlan for the Mexa Wrestling promotion.

During a tag match with Principe Aereo & Puma De Oro against Brazo De Oro Jr. & Redimio, Aereo collapsed in the corner following two chops he took. Once they saw the condition of Principe Aereo, the match was stopped as EMTs began to work on him and he was transported. He was later pronounced dead.

Salazar had been wrestling since 2010.

We send our condolences to the friends and family of Luis Ángel Salazar.

the clip only has about a minute of the match, so it’s possible something else could’ve happened earlier. But it looks so random.

— luchablog (@luchablog) October 18, 2020

Yikes. Always sad to hear of an in-ring death.