Mae Young Classic - Commentary

I’m having trouble watching the Mae Young Classic this time around as Michael Cole is very aggreviating to listen to. The things he says and cutting off the other two constantly.

How are others fairing out with this?

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I hate Michael Cole, always have and always will.

Cole routinely gets on my nerves…though he has been better on the main roster as of late (and by better I mean less annoying than usual). I’ve always prefaced my criticism with saying he has an impossible job being the voice of a company that really only has one mind (VInce), and he does an incredible job producing so many behind the scenes.

I find he has really been over-bearing at times with speaking over people during the Mae Young Classic, particularly when an attempt is made to get over a character’s backstory and he just interjects with calling a move (the irony of him calling a move here is not lost on me).

I don’t mean to make this about Kevin Kelly ( I once started a Kevin Kelly appreciation thread that got zero love) - but he is somebody who stands out to me as seamlessly transitioning from story telling / character selling to move calling. It’s definitely not easy as it requires one to go from story teller mode into straight play by play. Somebody on the WWE roster who does this to my liking is Todd Phillips (i think that is his name) on Smackdown.

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Yes Tom Phillips is really nice to listen to. I enjoy him much more.

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Bash Cole and not address the other two.

There’s a reason why he has to talk over Renee Young and Beth Phoenix…they’re not saying anything. Just going “oh man, here it goes, look out, ooooh” is worse.

Coles out there trying to show people who the competitors are in a short period of time and the other two are offering nothing but “I talked to her earlier” and “I knew her for along time” and not following up on that.

It’s like listening to the sound bytes of the Raw vs Smackdown 04 video game.

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I agree with you Deezy on this point but I would prefer anyone else rather than Cole (personal taste).

It’s really bad.

Cole is not needed on this show, he’s there every Monday and PPV. Just not the right voice for this. Dont believe a word he says.

Beth Phoenix is terrible, she shouldn’t be at the desk at all. Doesnt add anything.

I have no problem with Renee but she too often gets drowned out by the other two.

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Personally, I love the commentary a lot more then last year. Probably because I never was a fan of Mauro as a wrestling play by play guy.

Cole seem a lot more comfortable just calling the action then on raw when he has to be the spokesman for everything wwe.

In the end, Cole made the show more enjoyable for me because he got the experience behind the desk to just go and tell the story of the match. Last night for example, when tegan nox got injured, he really sold how tragic the injury was and how heartbroken it most as been for her to get eliminated because of it and he did that for a lot of other participant throughout the tournament.

Last year’s was awful. I’ll take this team anyday.

Edit: I finished this week’s episode. Michael dominated the entire broadcast.

You didn’t like JR when he did it last year?

It wasn’t his best work.

JR’s limited WWE work in the past few years hasn’t been good, he was also pretty poor on the UK shows he did.

JR used to be on fire. Sadly, he doesn’t have this fire anymore.

JR is still better than Michael Cole on Raw and still has a great mind for the industry. So y’all need to check what you’re talking about.

I’m talking commentary. I love JR and especially his podcast. I do think JR was the absolute best during Attitude Era but I don’t find the same fire in his recent gigs whether it is NJPW or the Mae young last year.

Michael Cole’s fine when he’s not being overly produced.

Sorry man, everything he’s done recently kind of sucks. I want to support the guy since he was the voice of the Attitude Era but it’s getting hard.

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Lmao… these smarks who never put a headset in their lives.

I think the problem with last year’s commentary (besides the fact that 90% of whatever Madusa did got cut), was that you had a slightly off his game JR & an abysmal Lita who further dragged down the team.

Cole’s not better than JR, but this team is a bit better than last year, IMO. :100: