Malakai Black

I don’t mean this to be “dunking on AEW” the way that the poster means it, given that Black was a Trios Champ for a while (and maybe also injured?) during this span. But why hasn’t he been a singles wrestler?

I think he was a huge fumble by WWE, but I also don’t really care about guys having exhibition six-man tags.

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He’s a loser who just wants to go back the WWE midcard. I would
Ice him and job him out until gone. No need to give him
Anything. They have learned from Andrade mistake

I was always a huge fan of Black, I loved his work in NXT. For whatever reason he just hasn’t excelled on the main WWE roster or AEW roster despite all that talent. Hopefully at some point he’s able to excel.

Yes indeed, the best version of him was in nxt by a mile. I would also say on youtube.

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This guy is his own worst enemy. It’s not an AEW problem or a WWE problem it’s a “can’t cut a decent promo” problem. The spooky poetic shit can only carry you so far when that’s all you do. And all the lights off/lights on gimmicks. Like at this point it’s obviously him who thinks this is good, right? Cant blame the booking for his own bad ideas. Personally I’ve never been a fan for these reasons.

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He’s been wasted big time in AEW. At this point just give the guy his release. I thought he was booked well initially but after that first Cody loss he’s been a total afterthought. A shame because I do think he is very talented in the ring.

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On one end, even though their storylines often miss the mark I still have a good time whenever House of Black are doing anything. There’s definitely a half-hearted energy behind their booking though, which I don’t know if it’s driven by Malakai and Buddy wanting to go to WWE so badly, or just Tony Khan having a limited threshold for wacky supernatural goth characters, but whatever forces are at play to keep them from committing to the House of Black, I wish they’d do something about it.

As much as I love Malakai, if he and Buddy want out so bad, as a fan I wouldn’t be incredibly disappointed to see them dip out as I think Julia Hart and Brody King are more than capable of thriving without them, as to me it feels like Malakai being the often absent leader of the group is actually stifling Brody King’s potential trajectory right now.

As an aside, Julia Hart’s theme and the Kings of the Black Throne are top quality entrance themes, I wish they’d have a reason to use the latter more often.

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I really like Black as a talent. I’d give him one of the midcard belts and have him go on a run, where he can put on his style of matches.

Does he want to leave?
House of Black have been great but more so for Buddy Matthews and Brody King. They don’t actually need MB

From the article:

With this said, I am not aware of when he publicly asked for it. I imagine it was on Social Media.

I wouldn’t call him a loser. Look at the NFL or MLB, being a bench qb or a relief pitcher is a great role. Sometimes it’s better to be a utility player than the main event. I would’ve love to be Barry Horowitz and putting everyone over back in the day.

I’m calling in a loser for wanting to go back to a place like that. If he wanted to go back there, he could at least try here and make the best of it and then if he still wants to go back and do that. Instead guys like him and Miro are being toxic to this company. Versus someone like Brian Danielson


He never “publicly” asked for his release. In fall 2022, there were rumours he asked for his release. AEW claimed it was mental health related and he was taking time off.

Others believe he wanted his release because Paul Lesveque found himself in power in WWE.

There are rumours he refuses to be pinned. He’s also dealt with a ton of injuries over the last two years.

I’m not sure what the truth is - but he is a great performer, who despite these rumours, in my opinion, has had some good stuff in the last year.

HOB vs. The Elite was a fantastic match for the trios title. The matches with FTR have all been very good. The faction has definitely elevated Brody and Julia.

While not the singles run I think anybody wishes he’d have - he’s still doing some solid work.

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Only the company is allowed to do business. Wrestlers should do what they’re told, even if promises never come to fruition, or they are put into gimmicks they don’t like. Because their transportation is covered, so they should just be grateful.


I agree totally.

Like I completely understand, having some input into your characters, direction and refusing stupid things sort of like Austin, refusing to Brock on TV without any build.

However, if you’re simply going to refuse to lose to anybody and believe because you worked in a bigger company that you’re some megastar, who if they don’t get their way will go back then I think management has every right to freeze your contract and make you sit out until you Agree to live up to what you signed

I’ve always said this, but WWE, AEW etc. there are only so many spots. Everyone wants to be the face of a company, in the main events but unfortunately there are only so many spots around and as a promoter, to be able to keep things fresh and utilize everyone “properly” and please all talent, it’s a fools errand.

I hear ya, who knows what the truth is.

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I think when rumours came out about WWE’s contract tampering when Triple H came in, Malakai Black showed his ass badly. This man would make the world’s worst poker player. As soon as that comes out, he wants to be done with AEW. I think that did it. Right now, he’s in the perfect spot. He leads a faction, but they focus on a guy who might stick around with Brody King. He’s still talented, but I think this is as far as they’re going to go with him.

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This is neither here nor there, but I always thought this was revisionist history, and that the Austin of that time would’ve just found another reason to not want to job to Brock. He was not in a good place personally at this time between alcohol and the domestic abuse incident with Debra.

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First, if Black is the leader of a faction that has been on TV or been pushed, then he can’t be “unutilized” like the title states. “Under utilized” is 100% fair, while being “unutilized” is more for, like (…brings up the AEW roster…) Aaron Solo, Angelico, Anthony Ogogo to name a few. (Notice I didn’t get past the A’s on the roster). Words matter. I mean “Pretty” Peter Avalon is still listed on the roster…anyway, I digress. lol.

As for Black, the grass will always be greener on the other side because he will never be a “top guy.” He might think he is and thinks by going back he’ll get that spot. He may be great in the ring. He may have a look and presentation heavy on Black metal/ heavy music visuals and the occult, which resonates with much of the fan base and their likes outside of wrestling, but he’s not THE guy or one of the top guys and never will be. Because if he was among them, he’d be the top guy in either company. Top guys stand out by being. The only thing that makes Black stand out to me is the explicit connection between HoB and their Black metal-esq presentation. Other than that, he’s simply a really good worker, who’s slotted perfectly in the upper midcard.

Edit: if it’s true that he won’t eat a pinfall, then what are you even doing in the business? That’s part of the game and storytelling.


Yeah he’s in a good spot - barely wrestles and when he does it is a trios match.

I just wonder why AEW keeps him around when there are dozens of others sitting on the bench. Him and Buddy are not difference makers. Let them walk and hang out with their wives to wrestle in the midcard in WWE.