Mark Andrews reflects on return to IMPACT Wrestling, feels Subculture flipped the crowd at Under Siege

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Subculture arrived at Under Siege. 

IMPACT Wrestling is now moving towards their Against All Odds special on June 9th. Their latest special was Under Siege on May 26th

Among the matches on the card was Chris Bey and Ace Austin successfully defending their IMPACT World Tag Team Championships against Subculture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster). Andrews spoke about the match on his My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast.

He feels the audience was quiet when Subculture first came out, but they were able to flip the crowd and get them invested once the match began. 

Well do you know what’s funny actually? Obviously, the fans in attendance are like regular IMPACT fans and when we first entered, they were very, very quiet to be honest, which made it all the sweeter in the back end when they were coming up crazy for stuff with all the ‘fight forever’ chants, stuff like that, because it’s almost like, it’s nice to know that you flipped the crowd upside down. They must’ve halfway through realized, oh, okay. These guys are good, you know? So that was really, really nice.

There is going to be coverage of the June 1st edition of IMPACT on AXS here on POST Wrestling. 

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