Marvel “What if...?” Discussion / Feedback Thread

Oh man when steve fell I thought he’d become the winter soldier. That’d make for an interesting captain carter: the winter soldier film.

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I updated this to become the official feedback thread in case anyone wanted to chime in for MCU L8R.


This might have been discussed or even common knowledge. I’m only part way through the review for Ep1. I think all of these episodes are going to be in the same time line, with all the main players meeting up at the end, or in an end credit scene in the final episode. But doesn’t his make Nick Fury a nexus character, along with Hawkeye and many other people in this series. I understand it probably wasn’t originally going to be cannon, but if this does makes in way to the MCU, we have a whole lot of explaining to do, with the variants being the same, animation or not, Hawkeye is still Clint etc etc …

Ignore the part where they’re all in the same time-line, don’t think that can happen. With the Winter Solider being in the Zombies Ep, unless they tie it in some how.

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Dude I totally had it in my head a brief time that maybe they were going to put all the crazy stuff in a single crazy timeline, culminating in a crazy zombie apocalypse lol. So don’t feel bad.

Though it would end with the watcher’s saying “and that’s not even the darkest timeline”. Followed by Troy/Abed in the morning jingle. Russos would love that.

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Episode 2 was a far better outing. Chadwick Boseman had a ball getting T’Challa to cut loose as the new Robin Hood-influenced Star-Lord. Djimon Hounsou was hilarious throughout the episode being a complete mark for T’Challa. It was such a trip seeing Thanos as a Ravager and the wisecracks about his plans for genocide allows Josh Brolin to put the Mad Titan in a radically different light. Visually, the Guardians aesthetic pops out of the screen and the heist-oriented plot gave this show a real sense of adventure. It’s an infectiously amusing 30 minutes laced with the melancholy of Chadwick’s passing.


So you’re saying… it was efficient (yes joke intended).

Love that the heist this episode is the manifestation of the internet joke of “or you could double the resources” from Infinity Wars.

I wonder how the collector got cap’s shield in this one. And those abs. HEYOO.

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He was shredded.

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I can’t believe Knowhere is a cosmic chia pet now in that timeline.


I’ve often said how Black Panther is the closest thing I’ve got to someone who looks like me within the MCU as I don’t associate with the racist character Michael Pena portrays in Ant-Man, and I’ve now got a Starlord too.

I loved this different version of Starlord being revered and a galactic Robinhood of sorts. This version of T’Challa and Starlord is so superior that he convinced the genocidal maniac Thanos to turn face!

Do you guys see the final few episodes of this season brining together all the characters we’ll be meeting this season, or will each episode indeed be it’s own thing without the characters ever interacting?

Take care and shout out Brother Nate!


Is there a super hero janitor in the comics?
Pratt could pull that off :laughing:

Anthony from Melbourne

Much like Wai last week while I somewhat enjoyed Captain Carter, I was never a huge fan of first avenger so the episode didn’t grab me and for a less hardcore Marvel fan I thought it wasn’t the strongest start to a series.

This episode was much stronger, with many characters we know and love shown in a different light, it felt exciting and fresh. Even though it maintained a fast pace, it didn’t try to cover off on T’Challa Lord’s entire life of escapades, the story felt more focused around one main mission which was more digestible for me.

If they are building a super group of sorts its a shame we won’t get to see this version of Star Lord join Captain Carter as Chadwick Boseman nailed the character even just in voice acting, parts of the episode were emotional while I was reminded just how good of an actor he is.

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Wilson from MS

This was a vast improvement over the first avenger rehash last week with Captain Carter. This felt much more original and what I was expecting when the What If concept was announced. I’m still not sold on the writing of the show so far, but I’m not going into each of these episodes with as much anticipation of the previous Disney+ shows.

Chadwick Bozeman was amazing and you could tell he was having fun with this iteration of the character. Thanos as a ravager was also very fun to see, he was good comic relief for the episode. And it felt like Nebula had more dialogue in this episode than all the movies she has been in.

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Hey guys!
T’Challa the character is too good for this world so seeing him branch out as robinhood of the universe was delightful. I think the funniest part of this episode is that this T’Challa-as-Starlord universe makes Pete Quill look so trash in comparison. Then again, is there anyone who could’ve played the role of Starlord more gracefully than T’Challa?
It was very bittersweet hearing Chadwick, I’m so grateful we get to hear him in this series.

I really am enjoying The What If series so far. This week’s episode had the shocking reveal of Hank Pym being the cause of the Avengers murders. The show makes me wish we could see these alternatives in live action. I still think episode 2 is my favorite.

John from Scotland

What If’s lasting appeal lies into branching out into other genres within the MCU’s scope and episode 3 took a chance by putting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the middle of a murder mystery and it made a lot of sense to see Hank Pym lurking in the shadows considering how there’s no love lost between him and SHIELD. Michael Douglas sold Hank’s bitterness effectively and some of the Avengers’ deaths were pretty nasty (Hulk’s death being quite grisly). Clark Gregg provided some levity that balanced things out and it was hilarious seeing Coulson gawk over Thor’s hair.

Overall, it felt rushed and it should’ve been a two-parter.

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Jay from Colorado

As a kid gowing up in the early 80s the “What if?” Comics were some of my favorites. I loved the idea of alternate universes and it made me a fan of alternate history as a genre. However I didn’t have a ton of money and could only grab a few comics here and there, so many of the storylines were completely lost on me.

What I love about the MCU What If series is that I’m already very familiar with the entire source material, and it makes it incredibly accessible for anyone whose seen most of the MCU. This episode alone had callbacks to several films, and the attention to detail in the replication of the locations from those films was stunning. Also the reveal of Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas himself, as the assassin in a fully realized Yellow Jacket was a completely unexpected surprise.

I know this is a reach, but we saw what looked like a yellow jacket helmet in the void in Loki. I wonder if that was this character from a reality where he was pruned.

I felt that this episode best captured the spirit of some of the best What If issues. A seemingly minor event that has huge ripple effects. It also had some of the problems of What If issues where you are trying to cram the effects of several months worth of comics into a single issue. Sometimes it makes you look at minor characters in a new light while other stories are just creating a body count for the sake of surprise.

Some similar issues to check out from Volume 1 of What If.
#27 - What if Phoenix did not die.
#32 - What if the Avengers became pawns of Korvac
#46 - What if Cable had destroyed the X-men.
#47 - What if Magneto took over the USA.

Everytime WH makes it clear he will not allow the Nj troll to participate in a podcast he does makes me smile

John and American in Scotland,

Episode 4 was awesome!!! A truly heartbreaking story of not being able to let go of someone you love. Of course resulting in the destruction of the Universe that Dr. Strange was sworn to protect. This show has become my favorite thing to watch on Wednesdays. Sorry AEW.

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