Match Rating Scale

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m fairly new to the forum and I joined the cafe at the start of the G1. Something i’ve been curious about is the rating scale that John and Wai use in their reviews.

I’m from the UK so i’m not used to the cream part of their orders, am I right in guessing the scale goes as i’ve guessed in my head? Or does cream rank higher than milk? This probably sounds ridiculous to everyone in Canada.

milk, sugar or cream = 1/4 *
two of the above = 1/2 *
all three = 3/4*

Thank you very much in advance!

Milk and Cream are interchangeable, it just depends on your preference. Sugar is also worth the same as either.

Basically the more stuff in the drink, the better the match.


Okay cool, I thought I may have been on the right lines, thank you for clearing it up!

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