Matt Hardy retires?

Vaya Con Dios

Been some ups and downs and there was a time where I was wondering when they’d find him dead. But he recovered and reinvented himself. Wasn’t my cup of tea but it made an impact.

He had a fantastic career in the grand scheme of things. This just leaves Bully Ray and Jeff as the only guys from the TLC group who are still working.

It’s sad to see him go out so low on the card. I give him a lot of credit for always going out of the way to reinvent his character. The ovation Matt and Jeff got when they returned at Wrestlemania last year gave me goose bumps. Even his Final Deletion segment on WWE wasn’t that bad. They could have gone further with it, but instead he just kind of floundered in low card purgatory. I think Matt would be a great member of the creative team as he tends to think outside the box.

Dude didn’t retire on his own Vince let him know he was no longer needed as a wrestler. He had no business out there limping around and working a full schedule at 44. The Woken gimmick wasn’t over and there was really nothing to do with him other than to job him out.

He fulfilled his dates, if Vince wanted to release him he would have just done that.

Yeah Vince took him off tv and let him finish up dates he was advertised for. Whatever the reason it is clear Vince didn’t want him wrestling on tv anymore. I don’t know if his contract came to an end or what but he wasn’t going to get another contract to be a wrestler. WWE isn’t releasing him they are transitioning him to a backstage role it looks like.

WWE almost never releases people either anymore. They just let their contract run out.

They released Big Cass.

Yeah because of his horrible attitude not because “creative had nothing for him” or he was washed up.

What point are you trying to make or don’t get? His act wasn’t working and he is completely washed up and has no business being on WWE TV so Vince made the decision to not have him wrestle anymore on his TV and let him save face by saying he is retiring from wrestling on WWE television.

It’s no different than when someone gets shit canned from the View. They let them save face by saying “they are leaving the show to focus on other projects”.

Could’ve easily released him and not have him working his hobbly ass on house shows…but he didn’t. Thus meaning he didn’t get rid of him. He let him slowly walk away on his own terms.

OK troll. (I hope you are just trolling for your own sake)

I’ll leave the trolling to you.


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