Matt Hardy unhappy with AEW usage

Please fire he and Jeff. More aging talent that is not needed

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Did you read the article?
He sounds fine:

“I feel like there is such a great spot for us at AEW if we’re just utilized in the correct way and we’ve just got to get there,”

… we hope we can get there, we feel like we’re taking steps in the correct direction now.”

This is just click-bait mate. Don’t bother reading these rubbish articles that report nothing but pretend it’s a big story.

Hardys are being used just fine. They’re sadly not what they were as Matt admits.

If TK wants to fund aging wrestlers retirement funds I have no issue with it. He’s got more money than sense so who cares what he spends it on

As in the Flair thread, your reading comprehension sucks.

What are you talking about?

You misread something in the Flair thread and now here too.

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@jamead And it’s not “clickbait” - it’s verbatim what he said on his podcast.

Again, I don’t care. Both guys are lucky to have jobs

So I just went and listened to that terrible podcast and he talks pretty positively for about 10 mins and says how great it is they were on Dynamite, even that he thinks they could be tag champs again.

And then briefly says he is frustrated over how they have been used over the last few months.

That’s the definition of clickbait.

I agree the Hardys aren’t great. I’d be interested what do you enjoy on AEW?

I can’t help but wonder if seeing the utilization of Edge and Christian Cage may be factors here. If Matt and Jeff see themselves at the same level (right or wrong), they may be wondering why they aren’t getting that level of push.

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I mean, I think there is a match in the future with edge and Christian versus the Hardy’s in a Ladder match. It has to happen.

But until then…

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No thanks. Matt Hardy can barely move let alone climb or jump off a ladder

Historically a lot. Right now Swerve. But this has not been a great year for the company IMO

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On paper that sounds good, but Matt just can’t go in the ring like he used to. As much as I love those two teams, I dont want to see it unless Matt somehow has a DDP Yoga like transformation and is able to move like he used to.