MCU L8R FEEDBACK: The Marvels (spoilers)

I went in with low expectations after hearing some fairly negative things. It wasn’t perfect but I thought it was really good. Especially when compared against something like Love and Thunder: this had better character growth and the comedy wasn’t stale. (Though if it was rehashed identically in another film, it probably would be.) I appreciated character growth particularly with Teyonah Parris’s performance.

I seriously did not expect song and dance in this film and I liked the risk being taken, whether or not it paid off. That also made me take notice of the music they used throughout the film, which I’m usually ambivalent to.

Was it me, or were kree eyes done up differently from the last film? It seemed like the colours of the eyes were really big and grey in this film.

Can someone remind me what the previous conversation was about the ten rings and the bracelets possibly being related. Was it that they could both be from another universe?

My usual dumb comments [skippable to not annoy WH]:

I hope that in the future, we find out if catnip has any effect on flerkins, because laser pointers sure do. One thing about them that’s not like cats is the genetics. Orange/red female cats cannot have black or grey kittens because the colour red/black gene is on the x chromosome and they’re codominant. Pointed like a siamese? Sure because its recessive. Calico? Yeah if the male carried black and white. Tortie? Ok again if the male carried black. More tabbies? Definitely since mom is. But seeing the grey kitten just really made me do a double take.

Ridley Scott should direct the next heroine MCU film.

I’m glad most of the kree weren’t blue. If we have to see one more blue person, they’ll incur some ill will.


Apologies for any inaccuracies here. My name isn’t just a gimmick and I have no vision. Because our main theatre chain in Canada sucks, audio descriptions for the blind weren’t available on opening weekend either. As a result, my sighted wife had to describe this movie – god bless her soul.

Not unlike an ice cold glass of Canada Dry, Iman Vellani has shown once again why she’s one of our country’s national treasures. Stealing the show in The Marvels, she helped propel a fun movie to the next level. Despite generally being code for “it’s passable if you don’t use your brain,” this movie was a blast and is actually best described by the word fun. While the fast pace did create some issues that I’ll get into, it also kept the energy alive throughout the journey. Unlike the Thor movie that shall not be named, Ms. Marvel’s inclusion allowed for comedy that actually worked between some really creative action sequences. I was surprised at how well the musical planet played out and delighted when the film had nothing connecting it to Secret Invasion. (Even Nick Fury seemed like a completely different character.)

And of course, there was the evacuation scene brilliantly soundtracked by Memories.

While enjoying everything overall, I did have some minor issues. After an amazing character study with the MCU’s OG big bad on Loki, He Who Remains and the High Evolutionary in Guardians Vol. 3, this’ villain felt like a one dimensional antagonist not uncommon in earlier phases. The movie’s fast pace didn’t let certain dramatic moments breathe and sometimes hindered character development too. While Carol’s arc was front and center and Kamala was a huge focus, it felt like Monica’s journey had less impact.

I don’t blame this entirely on the movie, but it’s a weird side effect of having so much of her story take place in Wandavision. I thought the mid-credits scene would’ve hit harder if her return from the blip was shown as a cold open here for example.

The Young Avengers tease was much appreciated and I’m excited to find out what universe Monica is stuck in. Since Xavier’s message to Beast means it isn’t 838 – could it be Deadpool’s? Also, people have pointed out that Monica is wearing the quantum bands after closing the incursion. Does that mean Kang will be targeting her there to retrieve them? Could it be why the TVA shows up in Deadpool 3?

As always, thanks for humouring my long windedness and keep up the good work. 'til next time, Make mine MCU L8r. Brap brap!

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Anthony from Melbourne

Hey guys I will do my best to call in today but if I don’t make it here is my feedback:

After you guys invited me to call in last week (much appreciated) I decided I wasn’t going to wait for this film to come out on digital and I would see it on Saturday (yesterday).

But that’s where the trouble started, I asked my partner and she did not want to come, then I asked my brother & cousin, I almost convinced them only with the chance that this film had larger implications for the MCU but they backed out. I asked multiple friends and then I love her to bits so this is not an insult but I even asked my mum but not even she wanted to go and for context she watches everything MCU.

This was all my shout by the way so cost was not a factor for their decisions and I’ve never been to a movie alone so since I was on the fence about this one I didn’t get to see it.

The reason I tell you this is because I think it’s a representation on the status of the MCU at the moment, I know the strike and various other factors played a role but ultimately I think Marvel fatigue is real.

If I could liken it to wrestling we are at a point where it’s mostly the hardcore fans that are left. The general fans will be back for the big Avengers movies just like a lot come back for Wrestlemania and maybe Deadpool since it has its own following like other big 4 PPVs but other movies are going to have fan interest similar to B level PPVs. I just hope that doesn’t leave to hot shot creative decisions like bringing RDJ back for anything other than secret wars where everyone should make an appearance anyway.

Now I’m a big NO spoiler guy, I love the feeling of a surprise, when it gets me good I literally get goosebumps. If your reading this it means I didn’t manage to time tuning in to your live link during calls, to call in without getting a spoiler because I am trying to find someone to come see it with me next weekend.

If that’s the case then I promise to call in on the next live show and sorry I didn’t today.

Also, WH unprompted last week pronounced Brisbane correctly! It suffers the same annunciation mishap that Melbourne does where the “bane” is often prominently said from foreigners but the “Brisben” way WH said it is correct.

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Dc jermaine from chicago. The marvels was ok. Ms marvel carried the film they got it so right with iman Vellani and so wrong with Brie Larson. Her and mark ruffalo remains the worst casting in the mcu even when Jonathan Majors should be behind bars. The part when they went to the singing planet was cringe. They explained they singing but no explanation of them doing magic also. I’m here for the discussion because it’s seems people are scared. Brie Larson physically does not look the same as she did in the first movie, is there no food in space? If Chris evans or Chris hemsworth came to the sequel of capt america or thor 25 lighter we would all say are they aren’t invested or are they here just for a check? Lastly we unfortunately watched secret invasion right? That is not the same Nick fury. Maybe that was a clone. Loki season two was good but the mcu is in a rut. Their best movie this yr was guardians of the Galaxy 3 this yr. James Gunn is the man who I will trust to get us out this superhero fatigue. Have a great week