Meltzer: Barrios and Wilson both 'out' of WWE

McMahon isn’t selling anything.

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If the XFL takes off why not?

3 generations of promoting.

XFL wouldn’t eclipse WWE in terms of worldwide penetration.

Daughter and doofus son in law need jobs.

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They don’t need job. And they would likely keep them. What’s the point to keeping the company if he can cash out before it goes back to being a 20$ stock? The math on what that family lost yesterday because of his incompetentness is disgusting.
If XFL has a chance to be a viable sports league, why not cash out?
Are they really going to achieve global domination - they can’t even get TV deals in place in 2/5 biggest markets.

I’m just making an argument - I also agree they prob will never sell.

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I just don’t see who would want to buy right now. How many investors with money want a wrestling show and want to run a wrestling show. Especially one losing on the market right now. The time to sell would have been just after signing the TV deals if you were unsure of the future after those deals were over.

If Tony Khan has taught us anything, it’s that there are millionaires and billionaires out there who are wrestling fans that might want to buy WWE as a gift for themselves or their kids.

The big rumour has always been Disney may want WWE for content purposes. I could see that

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Pair the Network with Disney+ or ESPN+.
Locked in revenue and a profitable company for 3/4 years post acquisition. And they don’t have to change anything. It’s a synergy for content. The company is profitable and can sustain itself. Is an ideal acquisition

Hadn’t considered Disney. I could see that in that case though I think they would leave the current people in charge for the most part. Then they could just move Full sail right into Disney world as a stage show :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Stock will rebound and be close to or back to its base line come Mania time…they lost over a quarter of a billion in 2014…lets.not pretend they haven’t been through this already.

Just means I’m going to invest right now and make a few bucks after the next quarterly.

Oh…if I own WWE stock, would that mean I’m in the business.

Baseline? In 2015 the stock was below 12$
What would you say is the baseline? Id argue that if by 2022 the trends don’t improve they are looking at a big drop in TV rights fees and if that were to happen it’s right back to being a 15$ stock. The entire stock price is propped up by 5 year TV deals. The run to $100 was based on expectations of international deals which haven’t happened and indicators are will be for far less than initially thought. Similar to the 2014 boom/bust when the domestic deal was said to be a huge increase and then it came in way below guidance. When you hear people say the company has record revenue and financially stable that’s largely the next 4/5 years. Imagine they go back to the old rights deal and have this kind of expenses. That’s upside down.

Why would the TV rights go down and not up? RAW and Smackdown despite being crap deliver a much larger audience and demo than most

Because they are sitting at $200 and 260$ million a year which is a massive increase over where they were last deal and the ratings are down and the ranking in key demos is the same.
Look what AEW just signed for and they rank in the top 5/6 regularly since debut. So are we saying ranking first is worth 4x? Is the bran affiliation worth 4x when (and those engagement metrics are also down)

Here is a question: if you are a Fox or USA exec do you feel you are getting fair value for the amount you are paying compared to what you paid 1-2 years ago?

I think it might be more.

The biggest problem is everything is moving off TV into streaming. Very few things left onnTV are DVR proof.

Live sports content is going to go up and up. That’s why all the networks took gamble on XFL. I think as long as WWE can deliver an audience they will get paid

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Here is an idea. Don’t offer contracts worth ridiculous amounts of dollars to wrestlers that not only nobody cares about but who can’t even get onto Main Event. They are pissing away huge amounts of operating expenditure on a massive roster to keep “talent”, most of whom wouldn’t register on the dial never mind move it, from AEW.


Paradoxically if they cut some fat it would only help. AEW taking crappy wrestlers won’t help them.

Look at Sean Spears. WWE did well to cut him - AEW now has him and are doing nothing with him either. He’s taking a roster spot and money away. He’s helping WWE indirectly.

Cut guys like that - talentless hacks that are unhappy. The Mike Bennett types, EC3, etc. Won’t hurt them at all

Agree. Step two would then be for someone to have the balls to tell Vince that he is running the company into the ground and to get rid of the “writers” and bring back a booker who recognises they employ wrestlers therefore should present wrestling, not a shitty soap opera.

Between the money Meltzer said Edge is being paid and what reportedly they paid Tyson Fury for that piece of shit he did with Braun, they are out of control. If I was a shareholder I would be furious. ROI does not appear to be a concept they understand.

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While I’m on a roll, how about they don’t offer a free trial of the WWE Network over the 4 major events. If they charged $9.99 for them I’m sure that would bring in 10’s of millions of dollars.

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