Mercedes Moné signals countdown to return is underway with in-ring training video

Having one women’s match a week on dynamite is bare minimum. TK ain’t giving them the same energy he does to his top stars.

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I agree. It would be fair to the women on the roster to get more time, stories, and involvement and it would make the women’s title mean something. As well as making the women’s division mean more plus fans would love it. Open more doors for AEW as well.

Please give this a little read as it breaks down what I mentioned previously:

I really don’t think this is valid. First of all the guy who quoted in his bio says he’s a huge AEW Fan so he’s clearly a Mark. And an open mark

He’s also just taking a direct difference in the talent and splitting them across RAW and Smackdown but not splitting AEW over there shows.

If you use that flawed logic RAW has 3H and Smackdown has 2H and AEW has 6H so even with less relative females AEW has more time to show them.

It’s a classic fallacy argument where he’s not dividing up AEW air time and simply claimimg all those talents are stuck on a 2 to 3 hours show which is not true.

If he split AEW into three shows that would be more valid.

If you want to put more women’s matches on rampage or collision, then go ahead. I know they’re not totally split rosters, but you can certainly do that. However, it’s less than issue of them just having way more men than it is Tony doesn’t think women draw ratings and he’s got booking ideas that he doesn’t deviate from which probably don’t involve thinking too hard about the women right now. Of course that’s also because they don’t have women stars

Like you can run Becky lynch versus Charlotte flair and you’re gonna get a great rating. You can’t run Ruby Soho versus someone and expect the same.

He’s slowly building up, and if he does get Mercedes and a better roster and I can see him putting more. However as of right now he just doesn’t have the talent to justify low ratings just to appease equality police


to be clear I don’t really blame Tony eother. He doesn’t have the talent and they’re not gonna draw ratings and he needs good ratings to justify getting a big deal right now. So I would simply sit everyone down and say we need this TV rights package and once we get it, we can look at rejigging the shows and getting more women on but right now we need ratings

Once RAW signs their deals, he got to pump those ratings out because they’re the only unsigned wrestling product left. So if he goes 6 to 8 months to get those readings and then decides to be more fair after I think that’s completely the smart things


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I think the issue goes back to the way AEW has always presented women. If you book something like it’s second class, it’s going to be viewed like it’s second class. Similar to the way Vince booked tag teams.

If I’m Mercedes, Tony saying that he doesn’t give the Woman tv time because they don’t draw ratings because he hasn’t really featured them in years, but it will change IF they get a giant TV deal, I don’t think that incentives me to sign.