Mercedes Moné signals countdown to return is underway with in-ring training video

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Mercedes Moné appears to be making strides in her journey towards a return to the ring.

On Wednesday, Moné posted a video of herself doing a series of in-ring drills.

In the 91-second clip posted to her YouTube channel, she is shown running the ropes, executing forward rolls, doing knee lifts, and in some light physicality with a training partner.

The video has the title, ‘The countdown begins’, and is also captioned: ‘Mercedes Moné is back in the ring’.

The footage appears to be taken at the Hybrid School of Wrestling, which is in San Antonio, Texas.

Moné has been out of action since sustaining an ankle injury at NJPW STRONG Resurgence on May 21st in Long Beach, California. Willow Nightingale captured the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship at the event after it was clear that Moné had been injured.


If Tony Khan can secure her that would be a win

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The way that division has been booked? Pocahontas Owls GIF - Pocahontas Owls Really - Discover ...

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Everyone’s favorite journalist not overly fussed about her return.

I understand what you’re saying but eventually it’ll get better if Tony makes the right moves. Women’s division needs a lot of work

Tokenism is holding it back.

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A lot of reporters online reporting she’s likely going back to WWE. Given how loaded they are, especially on SD, I could definitely see that happening.

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I could see that happening because the women’s division in AEW is a mess right now

I’m not familiar with tokenism. Do you mean catering to certain groups?

No actual reporters are stating this.

One person (BackupHangman / Ibou) tweeted that there is a possibility she may end up back there - and a ton of aggregators ran with it.

Judging by Ariel’s corporately-influened response, I’m guessing she’s not coming back to WWE.

There are multiple storylines going on across multiple shows. Different females are being featured. Different ones are getting over naturally (Toni, Julia).

Tokenism is featuring more females for the sake of featuring more.

It’s a roster ratio issue (comparative number of females vs males on the roster) that can’t be “solved” by anything short of firing 50% of the male roster - which isn’t happening.

They’ve made great strives in the last few months to get away from “all women’s stories NEED to revolve around the Champion”.

Mone would absolutely be a big star in AEW and be a featured player.

This idea that a talent isn’t going to be happy because they’re not appearing in two to three meaningless segments a week, every week, speaks to the fact people struggle to understand anything but WWE-style TV, and twenty years of a monopoly.

Obviously this isn’t the week to say that somebody is DEFINITELY not coming back to WWE. But I don’t see it happening. She got to have a grand total of five matches outside of WWE before getting hurt. And even aside from any bad blood she might feel toward WWE, as somebody who seems to really love wrestling, I still think she has the desire to work elsewhere. So unless WWE’s offer (it there even is one) is so much better than any other that she’d be an idiot to turn it down, I think she’s bound for AEW or elsewhere.

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Also, nothing about that video looks WWE-like in any way.

Has there been anybody who has done a video independently like that to hype a WWE return? I can’t think of any of there are.

You could come in to WWE if they decide to turn Bayley baby face to help her.

The four horsewomen could all be faces for the first time in a long time, and that could lead to some sort of match, leading into wrestlemania with damage control

However, I think the odds are that are pretty low. I think she wants to have more matches on the independent scene before she got injured and while I think she will do some for AEW I’m not sure she would sign there full-time but we’ll see. She’s not going to be the biggest WWE star. She’s levels below Rhea and Becky.

Ultimately it hinges on how she views their women’s division. It’s not Stardom or WWE. It’s booked as an afterthought.

They do have probably the most over women’s wrestler in the world in Toni but outside of that I didn’t even see Britt on the Pittsburgh show. Shida is always good but they really lack power. They gave Emi a title match after never winning lol.

If she thinks it’s good enough for her to step in and be a player she willl. If she’s worried that she’s just going to languish there then she won’t. I guess a lot will depend on how Tony can sell her on. Giulia signing with them would help

Wow. This can’t help their chances

Pretty sure that’s in character - and more than likely potential ammunition for her being The Devil.

Yeah could be. Seems a bit risky to be pointing out something that is a real problem (lack of women’s time on the show). Most heels gripes are usually more imagined than a real issue although worked shoot can work.

Her as the devil might work although MFJ vs Britt isn’t a feud - either she sides with MJF vs Cole or sides with Cole and it’s MJF be Cole anyway

I do think it’s a storyline-driven post. But if a booker approved it, that’s dumb. And if not, that’s just par for the AEW course. Go into business for yourself under the guise of “storyline”, but it’s fine as long as you have good matches and preferably don’t start a backstage fight at a major PPV.

Yes there were. They were rumors like I said, nobody said they were definitive but that’s kind of self explanatory given its a rumor. On Monday there were a lot of reporters speculating this.

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Isn’t that literally the reason why she walked out on Vince? Because she was pissed that the Women’s Tag division was booked as an afterthought? If she was a man I can totally see her going to AEW, but based on her own issues with WWE in the Vince days, I feel going to AEW is a huge risk for her. The fact that she hasn’t signed there yet indicates to me that she wants to go to WWE, but there is something they aren’t giving her that she wants (my guess is the ability to do outside projects).

With that said, I’m sure being able to do NJPW is a huge perk with signing with AEW and in WWE there is always the risk of Vince getting more involved.

It will be interesting to see what she does, but with Bayley on the verge of a face turn and a the New Damage Control on the heel side, the stage seems set for a WWE return.

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