Mickie James recaps her experience in the 2022 WWE women's Royal Rumble

Originally published at Mickie James recaps her experience in the WWE women's Royal Rumble

Mickie James discusses her Royal Rumble experience.

Entering the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match at the number 20 spot was IMPACT Knockouts Champion Mickie James. Mickie was a part of the match for over ten minutes and was eliminated by Lita.

James used her signature ‘Hardcore Country’ theme and sported the Knockouts Championship to the ring. During the latest GAW TV episode, Mickie reflected on her experience in the match and being back at WWE for the first time since her exit from the company.

She would have liked to seen Melina have more time in the match and also heaped praise onto SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Mickie feels that Flair is one of the best wrestlers she’s ever seen.

I am at the end was kind of cool, you know? It was cool to see. It was obviously a big deal for Ashley, I mean Charlotte to enter herself in as the champion in the Rumble. It’s the first time that-that had ever been done either. I watch Ashley out there and I’m gonna be honest, she is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen in my life, male or female. Watching her in the ring and when I went back to watch the Rumble and say what you will but, she operates on a different level. Her everything matters, every moment, every — like, her facials are on point, she takes her time, she doesn’t rush, she breathes. Like all the right things to what makes wrestling magic, you know what I mean? And you need that constant in the ring with the people that can then go and do all the this other crazy sh*t to balance the whole thing out and it was cool, it was cool.

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Mickie James is scheduled to defend the Knockouts Title against Tasha Steelz at IMPACT ‘No Surrender’ on 2/19.

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