Missing fun wrestling with hot crowds? Have I got a tip for you!

Having taken the 'rona seriously and busted our asses to get it under control, we’re now in the fortunate position in Australia that live wrestling has returned with crowds.

Last night I had the immense pleasure of attending Melbourne City Wrestling’s Homecoming show - their first show in just under a year.

The opener was a really hot three-way featuring a guy called Royce Chambers, who did a tour with DDT last year. Seriously, get on at the ground floor with this guy - he’s amazing.

We got a tag match that told a great story between champs The Brat Pack, who have done some work in ROH and who were in Dave’s top 50 teams of the year, and the Natural Classics, who I believe have done some work in Mexico, and who should be a really big deal, they both have great looks for guys wrestling Australian indies.

We got one of the funnest matches I’ve seen featuring a surprise challenger for the MCW Intercommonwealth Title, with a crowd that really, really got into it. (The champ is Caveman Ugg, who has done some work with PWG)

And then the main event.

Damn. The main event.

We were treated to a three stages of hell match between ROH signees, MCW Champ Adam Brooks and Slex. My God, this match… go out of your way to watch this match.

If ROH is serious about making people care about the promotion again, they’ll strap a rocket ship to both of them (especially Brooksy) when the 'rona is under control and they both move to the US.

Anyway, the stream of this show is available from 7pm on Monday night Melbourne time. Regardless of where you live - go out of your way, spend the $5AU to watch it (which I think is about 4 bucks US, maybe 2 and bit quid in the UK), and enjoy hot wrestling with a hot crowd again.

Not sure how John and Wai are with links, but if you google Melbourne City Wrestling Homecoming you’ll obviously find it.


Awesome to hear. Congratulations on living the dream right now.

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