MITB Booking idea

Please know, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, and I don’t really use Twitter, so if this has been discussed, my bad.

I was thinking of potential MITB scenarios, and one I thought of is the following.

Big E wins MITB, and Kofi beats Lashley for the world title.

Kofi and Lashley square off in a match where they go through hell (maybe even a blade job on Kofis part), the match being a war is key, plus it’s important that Lashley comes out looking strong. In a perfect world after the win Kofi gets a Kofimania like reaction.

After the bell rings Kofi and Woods are crying and celebrating, they both wave for E to come out, he does, then just like at mania E gets the belt to present it to Kofi. Ideally he has tears in his eyes as he’s doing this, E would have to put on an acting performance where while he’s crying he seems conflicted. Have a moment where Kofi gives him a look, then E knocks him out, takes out Woods and cashes in his MITB. Id want the turn to be similar to Owens turning on Jericho where Jericho has that moment where he knows before the actual turn. I’d also do something during the match where Woods becomes vulnerable and E exploits that when he turns, so for example Woods hurts his knee, and E kicks him in the knee after knocking out Kofi.

If followed up the next day on Raw with a strong promo where E talks about being sick of living in the New Day shadow, I think this could be a big break for him and could really freshen up the Raw main event scene. Main event of SS on the Raw side, E vs Kofi, and you can still do Lashley vs Goldberg just not for a title which I think fans would be much more accepting of.

Especially with fans being back still being a novelty, I think the fans go nuts for this

I have two questions:

Do you think there is a chance in hell we see this?

Would you want to see this?

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I definitely dont think we see it, but I’d enjoy that. It would be something fresh for Raw. I keep going back and forth on if Big E wll wi this or not.

I’ve ruled out Morrison, Ricochet, Drew(due to Jinder feud) & Rollins(due to winning on SD)

I had ruled out Big E, because I originally thought he would win and then go challenge Lashley, but then with Goldberg apparently coming, I ruled him out. Then SD happened and the random segment with Heyman and then taking the loss put him back in contention.

I’m keeping my hopes up for Owens, because its what I personally want and I’m keeping Nakamura in the running, because I actually think this is the best they’ve done with him on the main roster. Riddle would be fun to hold it and I think we could get some enjoyable segments with the Riddle, Randy & the briefcase.

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It’s a good idea but if they are bringing back Goldberg I don’t see Lahsley losing to Kofi unless it’s a screw job to keep him fresh.

I would imagine you could Big E or Goldberg cost Lashley the match and then do the turn you described.

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If it were to happen (which I don’t think it will), I do agree that is more likely. My scenario is more so what I personally would love to see.

Hoping Big E gets the briefcase, but I’d be more interested in him challenging Roman (I think Roman-Big E is the best alternative if they can’t bring DJ in for 'Mania next year). It would be a good time to reunite The New Day as well, if they wanted to go down that path.

A family ruled by fear & coercion vs. a brotherhood built on love & positivity…Plus you have all of that New Day/Usos history to draw from.

In terms of Big E turning on The New Day/vice-versa, I don’t think it happens unless you have a well-crafted nuanced story ready to go. I don’t think the performers or most of the fans would get behind a standard heel turn, given how much these guys have meant to each other on WWE TV and in their personal lives/ventures. Part of what made “KofiMania” so special was the enhanced level of storytelling behind it. If the turn doesn’t have that level of care behind it, it won’t work, and might end up doing Big E more harm than good.



In regards to the latter, interesting take. I’ve always felt that the best heel turns are best when the two involved have a strong relationship opposed to guys forced together for the short term just for the sake of the eventual turn.

With that said, you very well could be right. Turning E on Kofi does pose a potential risk that could hurt Big E. I would see it as a big risk, big reward type of scenario.

I would also like to see new day feud with the family, my only concern is I don’t see E winning that feud. I see most people that feud with Roman just being pushed back down the card afterwards (ala Cesaro). However, for the person that does conquer him, it will be a career defining moment, hopefully it’s someone like E, and not someone like Brock or Edge who will not be elevated at all. With crowds back, I hope they get behind E and force Vince to give him the ball. This is why I prefer Raw for him, I think his ceiling is higher there.

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You’re 100% right on what makes for a good feud, but in the case of the New Day, I think it has to be deeper than just “Big E. is jealous of Kofi’s success”…Because that doesn’t ring true to the characters on screen and the performers in other venues. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it would have to be an extremely well told story to avoid the fans turning on it, IMO.

I also think people want to cheer for Big E, which is a rare thing for a lot of WWE’s babyfaces these days…So I’d actually hold off on the turn until after Big E cashed in (or failed to cash in).

In terms of the Roman of it all, if I’m fantasy-booking…I’d save the cash-in until 'Mania next year…You could either have E announce his challenge ahead of time if they can’t get The Rock, or have E cash in after Roman beats his cousin. Roman beats Rock in a war, after the match they tease respect, but Roman & the Usos jump Rock, New Day comes out for the save, clears the ring, and Big E cashes in the briefcase.



I hope that happens, but we’ll see.

As far as people wanting to cheer for Big E, while I love Big E, and the IWC loves Big E, I’m not sold that the average WWE fan feels the same way. On SD he didn’t seem to get that loud of an ovation, so I’m very curious how much he gets cheered tonight when he teases grabbing the briefcase. Fingers crossed they give him win tonight and we can really find out. I hope I’m dead wrong and the fans go nuts when he wins.