Miz winning the NXT Championship

Where’d you guys first reaction of be if the Miz win the NXT Championship

Vomit. Then laugh. Perhaps mix of both.

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Should have cashed it in on Sasha. NUCLEAR HEAT.


Shoulder shrug and suggest that sounds kinda right. Miz in NXT would actually be kinda interesting.

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I personally just don’t care about The Miz anymore, but in a world where people do care about him, he’s kind of the perfect character to pull this off and get actual heel heat from it (and for the sake of argument, let’s pretend there are fans in the building).

  • He wrestles the stereotypical “WWE” style that smarks shit on, but he’s not too terrible
  • He can cut a heel promo
  • He can win cheap so he’s not burying the NXT talent by having a long run with the title.
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I wouldn’t mind it. The NXT title has felt like its been in flux recently with Kross getting injured, Lee being called up and Finn’s injury as well. The Miz winning could stabilize the title picture until Kross get’s back and kills him.

If both Miz and Morrison came to NXT it could provide some fresh matchups as well for the tag-team division.

I do not like the Miz in ring. At all. So it’s a no from me.

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This is so confusing to me since I haven’t watched wwe in a while.

But I’m out on the Miz. He’s just too boring in the ring and seems super annoying in real life.

I like it. The NXT title isn’t over right now. With Cena gone. The Miz is only one in WWE that can get a Title Over with Promos and Drawing Heat. Who else can do it? Balor? Guy couldn’t cut a promo to save his life. 10 star matches doesn’t draw peanuts.

If there were fans it would be a good idea. But with no chance to draw heat, having no fans there would be no point in giving him the title

There were no fans when he did his Talking Smack with Daniel Bryan. Yet its all people were talking about after.

So not buying the notion that fans are needed. You need fans more for matches not promos.

There are worse options for nxt champion. Wouldnt be particularly thrilled about it

And then he gets injured during the match…did Adam Cole curse the title?

I can’t watch Miz fuck up a match, so I would be repulsed if he did.

His mic skills aren’t that great either.

I liked Damien Mizdow though.